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Guy Pearce as Roy Clayton
Mozhan Marnò as Leyla
Neal McDonough as Max Archer
Archie Panjabi as Chandra Dawkin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kapelusznik18 7 / 10

Here we eliminate all doubts

***SPOILERS*** The conflicted and all screwed up life of US special operation sergeant Samir Hom,Don Cheadle, is tested by both his adopted country the USA and his religion Islam in him going through with a planned terrorist attack against the US on of all days Thanksgiving that involves the destruction of 50 cross country buses carrying hundreds of unsuspecting and innocent civilians. Forced to go undercover as an Islamic terrorist Samir was already involved in a terrorist attack on the US consulate in Nice France that killed 8 people. Now he's told by his US controller Carter, Jeff Danials, to provide the explosives that can kills almost as many US citizens that were killed back on 9/11.

It's US CIA agent Roy Clayton, Guy Pearce, who got wind of Samir's working for the US Government not against who it who tried to get him to reveal those terrorists like his good friend Omar, Said Taghmaoui, plans to blow up America. With Samir not really trusting anyone, including Agent Clayton, he decides to go it alone leaving himself open to be killed by the both the terrorists as well as US Government's homeland security agents. That by him secretly planting all the explosives with the 50 designated Islamic terrorists and their American victims. And he did it in a way that no one including the terrorists as well as Agent Clayton ever expected.

***SPOILERS*** We get to see Samir finally see the light in just who his friends as well as enemies are. Even though he works for the US Government Samir was still a loyal and practicing Moslem at heart but he soon realized that those he worked with-like Omar- actions were anything that had to do with his faith or religion. Which like him witnessing as a young boy his father being blown to bits in a terrorist car bombing back in the Sudan. He knew that those terrorists that he was secretly working for were no better then those who murdered his father and in the end acted accordingly.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Political thriller is way too familiar for its own good

TRAITOR is one of those post-BOURNE thrillers to come out that openly apes the style of Paul Greengrass in THE BOURNE SUPREMACY and THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. It features randomly shaky camera-work (which isn't as easy to get right as it sounds) and a thumpingly dramatic soundtrack that directly apes the music in the Matt Damon films. Saying that, it's more of a political than an action thriller.

The story sees Don Cheadle as a bomb-maker working with Arab terrorists to attack America. The first problem you notice is that the film has a low budget by Hollywood standards and pretty much all of the money has been spent on assembling the cast and shooting in various international backdrops. The story prioritises conflicted characters over dramatic external events, but the problem is that what takes place is very familiar and some of the twists are widely telegraphed in advance. Cheadle and the likes of Guy Pearce and Neal McDonough give solid performances but overall I found this to be a film that goes through the motions rather than offering anything new.

Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell 5 / 10

Ahlan -- You Dirty Rat.

A long, dense movie about the infiltration of a group of international terrorists, all of whom have interpreted the Qoran in its most terrible aspect, like Christians who have taken literally "an eye for an eye." It's dense in more ways than one because it operates on two levels. One is the action we see on screen; the other is the battle of faiths and allegiances that move the action along. Don Cheadle is the chief infiltrator working under deep cover for an unnamed agency, perhaps the CIA. Nobody but one man, Jeff Daniels, who is accidentally killed, so Cheadle is now a totally unknown agent who belongs to the gang.

In a weak performance, Cheadle begins the story as a committed Muslim who sells explosives to terrorists in Yemen. My brain must be atrophied because I missed Cheadle's recruitment by Daniels. As further evidence of atrophy I direct your attention to another aspect of the plot. The terrorists are going to blow up 51 buses simultaneously. So why do the FBI fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and begin searching ships leaving port for American cities? Note the bloated character of the central ventricles. That one there looks like Lake Baikal.

Let me make it short. The editor must have been stoned because way too much was left out. The same discontinuity applies to the ideologies involved. Cheadle is a devout Muslim. He takes his faith seriously and owe his primary loyalty to God. But he begins life as a character who willingly sells explosives to blow people up. Half-way through he appears to have an epiphany and weeps at the thought of innocent people dying.

The loyalty between Cheadle and his terrorist friend, Saïd Taghmaoui, is probably the most touching in the film. When Taghmaoui discovers that Cheadle has foiled the plot, his anguish seems real. Not that any of this applies to the gang. Make no mistake, they're the Nazis of the movie -- they do what villains always do in propaganda movies; they unhesitatingly kill one of their own when he turns out to be a weakling.

On the other side is the FBI, doing their best to track down and kill Cheadle, led by Guy Pearce and Neal McDonough, the uber-Aryan. Except for the fact that Pearce's Daddy and Grandad were both Baptist preachers, both men are ciphers, doing what the good guys always do. There is no conflict or comparison made between the values of Islam and those of Christianity.

In sum, there is some genuinely promising material here, and not badly handled by the director. But Cheadle, who was exemplary in "Traffic", seems a lightweight here, and it's a pivotal role. The writer and editor should be put on bread and water for two months or until they each lose thirty pounds, whichever comes first.

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