Trail of the Pink Panther


Comedy / Crime / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
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Denise Crosby as Denise, Bruno's moll
Julie Andrews as Charwoman
Claudia Cardinale as Princess Dala
Robert Wagner as George Lytton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by counterrevolutionary 4 / 10

A Travesty

Cut 45 minutes of filler material and this would make a nice little hour-long network retrospective and a decent tribute to Peter Sellers. It mostly plays that way anyway, with a "plot" which is simply dropped halfway through, serving only as one of the framing devices to introduce the Sellers clips. The other framing device, a reporter's series of interviews with Clouseau's associates, is so inanely written and obviously "tribute-y" that it's shocking to remember that this was a theatrical feature film.

And that was Blake Edwards' major mistake. Some of the unused footage is amusing, but if it had been up to Sellers' usual hilarious standard, it wouldn't have gone unused. And the flashback sequences are made up of, well, flashbacks--scenes which we already saw in the previous movies. On a TV special, that would have been fine. Here, it just makes you wonder what Edwards could have been thinking.

Reviewed by Mika Pykäläaho ([email protected]) 6 / 10

Last real panther-film and a fine tribute to Sellers.

Some might call this movie a felonious grave robbery but I think this is a fine tribute to a late comedian master. I don't think it was such a bad idea to take some unused scenes and older highlights and put together a completely new film after decease of masterful Peter Sellers.

Even though sequences with Jacques Clouseau don't fit the plot perfectly, it works. There are couple of brilliantly hilarious never-seen-before scenes with Sellers in here and to me that's a reason enough to make this film, I'm sure. I also have to admit Richard Mulligan is superb in the role of Clouseau's father. Bit strange sequel but cool stuff and great fun.

Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg ([email protected]) 4 / 10

Bad idea, though not as badly executed as you might think

I still can't figure out why they made a Pink Panther movie after Peter Sellers died. This one features someone stealing the diamond and Insp. Clouseau getting sent to find it, only to disappear in the process. So, most of the movie features interviews with other cast members about how they met Clouseau (and featuring many of Clouseau's mishaps). At the beginning they say "To Peter, the one and only Inspector Clouseau", but I would agree with Peter Sellers's widow that "Trail of the Pink Panther" dishonored his memory. Maybe it is good for a few laughs - namely the airplane scene - but it otherwise just seems unnecessary. And then there was another Pink Panther movie after this.

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