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Salma Hayek as Rosario
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Helena Ayala
Albert Finney as Chief of Staff
Benicio Del Toro as Javier Rodriguez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by miladbathani 6 / 10

Its okay.

This film was a series of various stories happening at the same time but i feel like it doesn't hold up all the way to the end. It switches for story to story depending on the location and events but confuses the audience on whats exactly happening. If the stories tansitioned to one another a little bit more smoothly i feel like it could've held up exceptionally well and caught the audience to the end. Michael Douglas resigns because he comes across an epiphany that makes him realize that the war on drugs is happening outside of the US when it should be resolved and fixed within the country. Michael Douglas sees this war happening within his own family and realizes Americans suffering form drugs should be helped rather than killing the supplier because there will always be a demand for the product. The colour change helped the movie by helping you know which story is playing on screen, but on occasion it seemed very over exposed. Whenever the story in Mexico would play you could tell that the picture was a little over exposed and is a little irritating to the eye. I believe that the colour change could've benefited the movie but it was sort of gimmicky to me because it just wasnt executed properly. It was just way too noticable and odd.

Reviewed by slbossman 8 / 10

Pretty cool.

Although being nearly 20 years old, this film manages to still captures the viewers attention and keep them on their toes. The main idea of the "war on drugs" is still a huge topic in todays society and Traffic continues to be relevant. Michael Douglas played an interesting role in this movie as he started out being the voice against drug cartels. In the end he decides to resign for many reasons. Some reasons why I think he resigned is that with his busy work schedule, he failed to see what was going on in his own household with his daughter and her drug issues. Another reason was that he realized whenever they would take down a drug cartel, more would take it's place and it was a never ending loop. In the end, Michael Douglas is seen attending rehab sessions with his daughter giving her his full support. Something that interested me was how the director had different tones for each story line. When the scene was in Mexico there was a yellowish tint, and when the scene takes place in Washington, there would be a blue tint. With this simple feature, it was easy to tell what story was taking place and prevented any confusion. Overall, I enjoyed this movie and my only critique against it would be how long and unnecessary some scenes were. I would still recommend this movie to any people who have not had the chance to see it.

Reviewed by logansomerville 8 / 10

Traffic Review

I found that this movie has aged very well from being made in 2000 and still relates well into today's world and on drugs. I think that the movie shows great relevance to what mistakes were made during the "war on drugs" and what is really needed to improve nowadays. I found it intriguing of the reasons why Michael Douglas, the father, had resigned from the job with the government. I think the reasons he did it for was because he saw that the war on drugs couldn't be won though force on the cartels and after a cartel fell a new one would take it's place. Also he didn't want to fight a war on drugs when he would be fighting with his own family in doing so. He wouldn't be able to take the pressure of having his daughter addicted to drugs and be fighting her in fighting the war on drugs. He saw that the way the the government was approaching the problem was all wrong. I also liked the changing of tone when switching between Mexico and America and I feel it really changed the mood of the scene based off of the colour change.

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