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Maria Breyman as Jax's Dance Partner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tss5078 7 / 10

The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078

Taylor Lautner may always be remembered as Jacob, the annoying werewolf boy from the Twilight Series. People have a hard time seeing him as anything else, but Tracers is the second action film I've seen him star in, and this kid has the perfect make up to be a huge action star. Lautner is more than just another good looking actor, as he can speak several languages, is a martial arts expert, and an avid parkourer, all skills he uses in his latest film, Tracers. Lautner plays Cam, a down on his luck bike messenger, who comes to befriend a group of parkour enthusiasts. What they do fascinates Cam and he wants to join them, but when he does, he realizes that they aren't just clowning around, they use their skills to commit crime, and once he's in, Cam has no way out. Original action films are hard to come by, as most people are satisfied with all the special effects and dead bodies. It's a genre that really doesn't call for originality, that's why when you come across a film like this, it's a breath of fresh air. The stunts and moves you see in this film are nothing short of magic, and it's star Taylor Lautner did them all himself. We are so used to seeing Lautner as the sensitive love interest in some romanticized film, that it's hard to even imagine him as an action star, but that changes 10 minutes into this film. It's the stunts, the attitude, his characters whole personality, that makes his a unique a-typical action star, and it is really something to see. On the surface, Tracers may be nothing more than another story about a group of burglars, but what they can do is extraordinary, and was really fun to watch. This film is original, fast paced, and brings to light a new action star, who isn't in his sixties or the WWE. It may not have all the bodies and explosions normally associated with this type of film, but as I said, It was a lot of fun to watch.

Reviewed by Jeff Lee 4 / 10

A whole lot of puffing

He's handsome, she's gorgeous. He owes money lenders a lot of money, she's has some dough. It's your usual boy- meets-girl flick, but this time, there's a lot of running around and jumping, all in the name of parkour.

The only thing that kept me awake was the action, which, after awhile, got a bit blasé.

Lautner's character may have got into trouble because his desire to pay off his debts, but it certainly doesn't absolve him from using ill- gotten wealth to clear them.

2 out of 5 stars


Reviewed by utgard14 4 / 10

"Cam -- that short for Camaro?"

Moronic bike messenger meets a pretty girl and then teaches himself parkour in a montage in order to join up with her parkour gang, led by an older guy who you will immediately peg as the movie's villain. Anyway, this dumb kid can't pay his bills and owes the Chinese mafia $15,000. During his training montage, I kept thinking to myself "maybe this is why this kid can't pay his debts -- he's doing this instead of working." It's a pretty by-the-numbers movie of its type. The lead character is one of the most hard-to-like protagonists I've come across in recent memory. The guy is a total loser who seems to have the intelligence of a gerbil. They give him a hard-luck backstory that will have you rolling your eyes. He's a high school dropout who doesn't show up for work and turns into a thief living in a makeshift tent on a roof. I'm not sure he even bathes and he certainly doesn't shave that scruff off his face. The stunts are okay but the plot (and especially the romance) is uninspired. It's one of those movies where characters have to do the stupidest things at all times in order to keep the plot moving. There are also a frustrating number of loose ends that are not tied up by the end of the film. But there is a twist late in the movie that was somewhat surprising, so I'll give it that. Ultimately it's a forgettable movie but it's worth watching once. If you enjoy laughing at bad movies you'll probably get more entertainment out of it than most people. Oh and here's an example of this movie's great dialogue: "...tattoos are like scars that you wear on the outside to hide the pain that's on the inside." Script must be by R.M. Drake.

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