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Adam Scott as McPherson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 2 / 10

Stunts, and stunts, and even more stunts

Checking over the reviews of Torque it seems to have an interesting cult following among folks who apparently just like mindless action films. I like them too, but when you write one at least give it a coherent story and some interesting characters you might care about.

Torque is the biker movie dream, if he were alive Steve McQueen might want to do stunts incognito. The story as it is concerns Martin Henderson who has to find some crystal meth people say he's holding, avoid Ice Cube who leads a black motorcycle gang who says Henderson killed his brother and bring the real killer to justice. And also avoid some crooked cops.

So for almost 90 minutes we are treated to an endless amount of stunts involving two wheel and four wheel vehicles with a few words of dialog to tell us how Henderson is progressing with his goals. If you like this stuff Torque is the movie you've had wet fantasies about all your life.

But for me, just a tad bit of a coherent story and a tale told competently acted.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10

Torque about stupid.

It has been said that music video director Joseph Kahn's feature debut Torque was never intended to be taken seriously, every scene intentionally taken to ridiculous extremes, thereby mocking testosterone fuelled petrol-head films such as The Fast and the Furious and its sequels. I'm inclined to believe this: the characters in this mad motorbike movie are all incredibly clichéd whilst the over-the-top action has to be seen to be believed. This level of dumb surely doesn't happen by accident.

Of course, that doesn't automatically give Torque a get out of jail free card—there are still aspects that are difficult to endure, even if the film as a whole has been designed to lampoon mindless popcorn fodder for teens: the plot is virtually non-existent, with the non-action scenes merely dull padding, while Martin Henderson makes for a very bland pretty-boy hero. Still, it's hard to hate too much on a film that features motorbikes leaping on to the roof of a speeding train, has two biker babes fighting each other using their vehicles, and closes with one of the daftest high speed chase scenes I can remember—200mph through crowded city streets.

5.5 out of 10, rounded up to 6 for IMDb.

Reviewed by keiranh-205-354645 6 / 10

Loud Pipes and Gangs

An MTV inspired thrill ride, a ride fitted with stock chrome and kitted out with campy vibes and an inane concept. The uncreative twist only bolsters the negativity abound. Saving graces are present however, Ice Cube turns in an aggressive performance but remains throughout the entire film as the only believable character. Martin Henderson is irritating, at one point slamming down the same phone he probably used to phone in his performance. In conclusion, stuffing a film with soapy,scantily clad females bent over washing cars and loud pipes will always entertain, but it will never be capable of anything in the realm of brainpower.

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