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Peter Ustinov as Arthur Simon Simpson
Maximilian Schell as Walter Harper
Robert Morley as Cedric Page
Melina Mercouri as Elizabeth Lipp
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vijay Kumar 7 / 10

Technical Slip?

Since the museum's floor is completely pressure-alarmed how come it did not trigger when the glass case was lifted!!! Brilliant movie otherwise, ending needs time to digest. Great - Locations Music Editing Photography & Peter Ustinov 10/10.Quite a feat for the sixties and the bold attempt with robbery as the focus fantastic.Scenes from this movie copied all over but not with the same result.The cook also performed well,albeit a bit over acted in some parts.All characters well chosen and screenplay and dialogues top class.The editor is the real winner here because of the tension that s generated in the final scenes.Definite watch for all who like a solid performance with lot of location and humour.

Reviewed by calvinnme 8 / 10

Sophisticated thieves attempt to pull off the perfect crime

This film involves a collection of rogues who set out to steal a fabulous jewel encrusted dagger from an Istanbul museum, protected by an "Indiana Jones" style nest of security features and traps, not knowing they are being watched by Turkish undercover agents mistakenly believing them to be terrorists.

Filmed on location in Turkey and Paris, this film is a droll sparkling delight, a skillful blending of humor and suspense, with a touch of the exotic, making, at times, magnificent use of Istanbul for its scenic backdrop. Unlike the same director's most famous heist film, the legendary Rififi, Topkapi is light hearted in tone, but its big heist sequence is genuinely ingenious and suspenseful.

Aside from the film's physical attractiveness with its color photography, much of its appeal lies with its cast of players, headed by Maximilian Schell as the mastermind behind the robbery, Melina Mercouri, Robert Morley, a spectacularly bizarre and slovenly Akim Tamiroff and, above all, Peter Ustinov as a small time hustler who becomes involved in the scheme. Ustinov's delightfully bumbling everyman (called a "schmo" by Schell when first spotting him) won him his second Academy Award as best supporting actor.

Reviewed by mmallon4 10 / 10

Mission Unpossible

Topkapi is one of those movies in which it is fun to look in the background at the colourful array of gadgets and gizmos. The film's sets are a thing of beauty, full of beautiful, understated colours. This is the kind of movie to watch to watch on a hot summer's day, or to escape the winter blues. The movie was filmed on location and acts like a time capsules for 1960's Turkey and Greece, and capturing in a documentary like for the nitty, gritty street corners of Istanbul.

The production code was all but gone in 1964, thus the movie is able to explain and able to show in detail how they are able to commit their crime with explanations of the security system in place and how to bypass them, as well as their undercover scheme and the heist plan; I just delight in that kind of exposition. There were the days before security cameras, therefore they aren't an obstacle to get around. I also imagine they probably could have chosen to have the criminals get away scot free if they had desired.

Peter Ustinov steals the show, in one of those performances which brings me levels of respect towards an actor playing a lovable sucker and the most unconvincing conman who can't fool anyone to save his life. Oh the other hand I've heard reviewers criticise the casting of a 44 year old Melina Mercouri as a flirt who is not very attractive, I disagree. I find it's an interesting character dynamic to have a somewhat maniacal nymphomaniac who isn't particularly attractive yet has a lover who appears to legitimately sees something in her.

Topkapi may have the best heist sequence I've seen in a film. By this point in the film I've already attached a strong emotional interest in these characters, but during the heist itself the characters played by Ustinov and Maximillian Schell develop an unexpected emotional bond which raises the stakes higher than they are. With a clumsy fool who is afraid of heights, a lighthouse being controlled from afar by other operatives and precise rope movements to moving an entire glass enclosure, I'm left with that glorious feeling of clenching your hands when something almost goes wrong.

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