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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by flemur13013 7 / 10

Very dumb but couldn't help laughing

Like the titles says. Yes, there are too many dick jokes, but there were a few scenes were I couldn't stop laughing, which is rare nowadays. Those wacky Albanians! The main guy did a pretty good imitation of Liam's weird, hovering parental concern, although there weren't very many other references to the 'Taken' films...except for saying "taken" rather than "kidnapped" because it sounds goofy, like it did in the originals.

Reviewed by Info-241-562323 7 / 10

Still better than Taken 2

Doesn't deserve such a low rating score - I've seen a lot lot worse ranked a lot lot higher.

Tooken is obviously a spoof based in Taken, and it's pretty funny in places - some places more than others for sure; but that's the nature of the genre (or so I believe). It's certainly one of those 'switch your brain off' before watching sort of movies; but it's definitely not worth the negative criticism it's received in many of the reviews.

It has that spoof movie feel to it - admittedly, not on the same level or power as the likes of Airplane etc... but it's pretty watchable once you realise it is what it is.

Being a fan of the original Taken, and totally hating Taken 2 (like many others); I liked a few of the links relating to them in this movie. If anything, there was maybe a slight overuse of the key telephone conversation from the original, but there you have it.

All-in-all Tooken is worth a watch if you've some time to kill. Yes, it's littered with mistakes; no, it doesn't have huge dramatic effects; but I found it OK to watch - and still enjoyed it better than the original Taken 2.

Overall: 6.7/10.

Reviewed by hddu10 7 / 10

good for its genre

As someone who grew up with the Airplane! and Naked Gun series, I have a soft-spot for these types of spoofs. At some point the Zuckers gave way to the Wayans and all subtlety in humor was erased in favor of shock-value and "in your face" crudeness. While "Tooken" certainly has bits and scenes you wouldn't want to watch around children, it also has very good writing and performances to give something for everyone. Lee Torgleson should be the next action hero (I hope he gets a lot of work after this) and Margaret Cho gets to do some character acting away from her usual stage persona. All in all, I'd say for a good night in of laughs with friends, Tooken is a good choice.

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