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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Weak Evil Dead rip-off

TONIGHT SHE COMES is an indie horror that attempts to emulate the genuine nastiness of the EVIL DEAD remake but doesn't come close. The usual bunch of friends (read: cannon fodder) head off to the stereotypical cabin in the woods to look for a missing girl, but all they find are the usual saucy shenanigans. Eventually the girl shows up, starkers, and a demonic possession plot kicks in. This is a film that suffers from run-of-the-mill predictability and lame character work. It attempts to out-do the EVIL DEAD and has some truly grotesque bad taste moments but scary it isn't - just stupid.

Reviewed by FilmsFillMyHoles 3 / 10

An odd mixture of pure frustration and schlocky entertainment

Tonight She Comes is a terrible, but kinda enjoyable mess.

It's extremely stupid: The writing is atrocious, the plot is non- existent, character motivation and logic is thrown right out the window and the tone is just all over the place. At times the movie is quite self aware but other times it's just awkward.

Occasionally there's a beautiful glimmer of wonderful schlock with some decently revolting, but mainly disgusting gore that's actually quite fun. The acting goes from serviceable to pretty goddamn awful, though Larissa White, who plays Ashley, deserves a shout-out for being one of the better parts of the film, on multiple fronts.

The film definitely has the potential to be a so-bad-it's-good guilty pleasure, if you can tolerate its nonsensical story, awkward humour, embarrassing writing and the cringey characters.

Reviewed by TdSmth5 9 / 10

Wild, different, and fun.

Two guys are driving around the country delivering mail. They are looking for someone named Kristy. Earlier we met two girls driving around also looking for their friend Kristy. One of the guys, James, finds the address, but no one there, so he decides to take a break in a hammock he finds. But there's someone else there that apparently attacks him.

The two girls also make it to Kristy's lake-side cabin, while James' friend Pete watches them. While he's wondering around the woods he finds a naked girl. She's dead. But then she opens her eyes. Eventually the girls run into James. And the naked girl, who turns out to be Kristy reanimated, appears. But she's violent.

By now there's only James and one of the girls, Ashley, left. They run into the house were they meet a rather strange family. The dad, a daughter and a son. There's a dead body nearby. They cover the door in blood which keeps Kristy from getting in. The two kids are informed that they are needed for a ceremony. There's a pentagram on the floor. Let's just say there are a couple of hiccups during the bloody ceremony as midnight approaches.

Tonight She Comes is unlike any other horror movie out there. And yes, it's gross and adolescent, and the dialogue and the character's behavior at times makes no sense, but so what. This movie really surprised me. When you've watched enough horror movies, you know that most fall within a handful of storyline categories that are entirely predictable. There is nothing typical or predictable about this movie. It does the retro feel very well with synth music and by putting the time of the day repeatedly on screen. In that regard it reminded me if The Guest and It Follows. The wild gross stuff in turn is also something seen in Night of Something Strange, which came out a bit later than this movie.

I was somewhat blown away by the sheer gutsyness and originality of Tonight She Comes. Plus, a movie that features a naked girl for a good part gets bonus points right away. There was one scene that I found very creepy, something which rarely happens. Sure, there is some truth to the negative reviews, but those tend to overlook the many positives of this movie. Give this movie a chance, it will surprise and amaze you and yes, it's stunningly gross, but that doesn't make it as bad a movie as reviewers try to make it. I look forward to what this crew will come up with in the future.

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