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Britt Robertson as Casey Newton
George Clooney as Frank Walker
Judy Greer as Jenny Newton
Raffey Cassidy as Athena
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by muhammedamelgammal 8 / 10

How to redefine imagination

This movie really took a person's imagination to a whole new level.

The story was interesting, and keeps a person engaged with what is happening. It was cool to see the power of imagination and how a simple thought could become something much bigger.

Frank Walker, played by George Clooney, was recognized by his limitless imaginative capability. It was going to one day change the world as it is. He was able to do just that. Walker was a genius scientist who made a certain discovery about Tomorrowland that would hold the key to changing the world. With the help from Casey Newton, played by Britt Robertson, Walker was able to travel to the city and unravel what he had discovered so long ago.

This movie has a simple story, and it is ideal for those with a creative and innovative imagination.

Reviewed by jandsm5321 6 / 10

Had potential, but ended up disappointing.

The trailers looked cool... but it turned out a very different story. I was expecting a cool sci-fi adventure of amazing innovation, etc. Instead it felt to me like just propaganda, promoting Disney and preaching their opinions.

The main character felt shallow, claimed to be smart but sure didn't act smart. It was disappointing how often they had her just acting in dumb slapstick comedy styles. She seemed to just act on how she felt in a very impulsive manner rather than actually reasoning, in standard Disney hypocrisy, claiming to be empowering girls but still belittling them in how they cast them.

They entire time they're pushing how terrible and mindless humanity is, and how we're going to destroy ourselves so nothing matters anyway. I can't call a movie hopeful or uplifting when it spends the entire time being negative then has a brief positive message at the end.

Also, how is taking all the most innovative citizens to live in a different world going to help save Earth? Doesn't the world kind of need those people to help it rather than just sending them to live in a mini-utopia if they're privileged enough?

The last straw for me was the the 50 year old guy being in love with a 10 year old girl... but shes a robot so it's okay...? Or just creepy...

It was close to being an awesome movie for me, but after watching it I can see why it fell flat. If the main character had a little less blind passion and a little more intelligence and they spent less time preaching I probably would have liked it.

Reviewed by den-86397 9 / 10

A very good imaginative movie - makes one think!

As a previous poster mentioned, you must consider who this movie is aimed at - probably at a teenage audience, and its goal seems to be to entertain, but also to make one question, and to think - I felt the acting was great, the scenes were great - the main reason I didn't give it a ten, but a nine - was because of the brief sermon about the religion of today - global warming, climate change, melting icebergs, crap that relies on computer models that have been wrong again and again. Overall, a great inspiring movie - with some good comedic moments -

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