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Rock Hudson as Maj. Donald Craig
George Peppard as Capt. Bergman
Nigel Green as Col. Harker
William Hoehne Jr. as German Lieutenant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wuchak 6 / 10

The explosive climax wins the day

RELEASED IN 1967 and directed Arthur Hiller, "Tobruk" chronicles events during WWII in Northern Africa when a Canadian major (Rock Hudson) teams-up with British commandos & German Jews to hinder Rommel's Afrika Korps by destroying his major fuel depot in Tobruk, Libya. Nigel Green plays the British colonel while George Peppard appears as the Jewish captain with Guy Stockwell as his subordinate. Jack Watson and Percy Herbert are also on hand.

The movie scores high marks with the notable cast, grave ambiance and brutal action, but it's also hindered by hackneyed contrivances, like the eye-rolling trap door and traitor element. But any flaws are redeemed by a literally explosive climax. There's also some commendable human interest and tension in the ethnic prejudice department.

THE FILM RUNS 107 minutes and was shot in Arizona (Yuma, Tucson & Mojave Desert) and Imperial County, California. WRITER: Leo Gordon.


Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Explosive men-on-a-mission story doesn't disappoint

TOBRUK is another decent WW2 film with a North African setting. This time around the film gets the big budget Hollywood treatment with an all-star British/American cast and expansive battle sequences which really hit home, particularly at the incredible explosive climax. For most of the running time the viewer is in familiar territory with a typical gamut of plane attacks, scenes of the characters avoiding and outwitting the Nazis, and the machinations of traitors, with the added twist that most of the characters are German Jews fighting against the motherland.

The cast is very good in this one. It's fine to see Rock Hudson away from the romantic comedy genre he was so well known for while George Peppard gets to have fun with his German accent. Nigel Green is a hoot as the British colonel with the stiffest upper lip ever. The likes of Percy Herbert and Norman Rossington were standbys in this kind of production for what seemed like forever. The film boasts strong direction from Arthur Hiller and a story that keeps you intrigued right until the end, waiting to find out how it plays out. It's hard to criticise.

Reviewed by reisen55 7 / 10

Tobruk - a Saturday Morning favorite and not bad

This has always been a fond memory for me, one those films that always turned up on TV when I was young and I was blown away by the literal ending of the film, which is very well edited. Battle scenes are hard to do and the construction here is well done.

YES the tanks are not period and even PRIVATE RYAN used the Yugoslav T-34 to Tiger Tank conversion, only FURY used the world's only real, running TIGER I Tank. Perhaps one of the best tank-battle scenes ever so I can easily forgive the M47 and M48 Patton tanks, they show up in almost every film. One of the problems with World War II films is that realistic stuff is hard to get --- until you have CGI when it can be made up.

Performances - real, gritty and somewhat to be expected. Peppard is excellent, Hudson his rock solid self and Nigel Green always good as a British stiff upper lip commander.

Plot - fairly obvious really, a long desert ride to meet a ton of Germans and blow stuff up with complications.

Special effects - for 1967 this was excellent! The final confrontation is spectacular, quite the largest explosive work in a film before or since.

So, while it is not the most thoughtful film, it is a ride through the desert to get to a fight, and not bad. Only THE DESERT RATS is superior in it's own way, far smaller and centered on Tobruk too. I recommend both and slip in THE DESERT FOX if you have time and an excellent evening indeed.

Just watch out for the explosions at the end.

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