To Save a Life


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 5072


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Randy Wayne as Jake Taylor
Arjay Smith as Matt McQueen
Robert Bailey Jr. as Roger Dawson
Sean Michael Afable as Jonny Garcia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10

overstuffed but fine religious fare

Jake Taylor and Roger were the best of friends. Roger even saved Jake's life once which left Roger with a permanent limp. The boys drift apart during high school. Jake becomes the basketball star and starts going with cheerleader Amy Briggs. He abandons Roger to loneliness and bullying for his limp. Roger takes a gun to school and commits suicide. Jake feels guilty and lost despite getting a full college scholarship. Amy doesn't understand. His friend Doug pranks loner Jonny. Youth pastor Chris reaches out to Jake. Roger had gone to church but Chris failed to talk to him. Jake starts going to church and befriends Andrea which alienates Amy and his friends. Danny is the weed smoking cynical slacker son of the lead pastor. Jake's parents are getting a divorce. Amy is pregnant with Jake's baby. A date between Jonny and Andrea goes badly and he goes back to cutting. Danny overhears Amy's pregnancy and spreads the news in school. Next Danny pranks a fake bomb threat from Jonny getting him arrested.

There is no doubt that this movie tries to cover too much area with too many movie-teen issues. I do like how most of the issues are handled but there is simply too many of them. As far as Christian films go, this is better than most. The actors are somewhat charismatic. If the issues could be cut in half, this would allow more time for each issue to develop and resolved in the Christian way. It would also allow the movie to be a more manageable ninety minutes.

Reviewed by Sebastián Ãlvarez 1 / 10

Christians are trying to cheat you!

This is a terrible movie, don't try to watch it!

The IMDb's rating is because most of the critics are religious people... nothing against religions, but the plot is flat and predictable... the characters are poor, the actors are worse.

The story is about an idiot that changes to good while becoming a Christian... in real life you don't need to do that, you just need to think a little bit... or go to therapy!

You may see lots of critics saying this is a good film for teens and parents... FALSE! They are just trying to convert you! I recommend you to seat and talk to your children for a while instead of wasting 120 valuable minutes of your and their time with this title.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

Some big questions

This Christian film is a cut above the usual stuff that comes out. It's a story well told about a young man after the death of an old friend in a spectacular suicide at the high school they go to. The kid was Randy Wayne's best friend in grade school, but as things do happen in middle school and high school we separate out into our distinct social sets. Young Robert Bailey, Jr. just didn't belong anywhere and it's folks like that who are potential to be school shooters or suicides.

Wayne who had gradually distanced himself from Bailey is unnerved by what happened and starts asking some big questions about our place in the universe and the individual's role in that. Those questions lead him into a Christian youth group.

I watch films like these and it always comes back that the kid's who are the biggest misfits are the gay ones and for them Fundamentalist Christianity has no answers other than change your evil ways and we'll love you. If they had made the suicide kid a gay one I might have really applauded this film, but they are bound by fundamentalist parameters so for the moment that isn't possible.

There are some similarities between this and It's A Wonderful Life which also demonstrates the value that one individual can have working for good. Sad to say this well structured and well told story is bound by rules that sometimes make no sense.

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