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Marton Csokas as Sir William De Kere / William Decker
Gerard Butler as Andre Marek
Ethan Embry as Josh Stern
Paul Walker as Chris Johnston
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by briceturnbull 9 / 10

WOW! That was a trip!

I really, really enjoyed this film! I hadn't heard of it before, and am blown away! It is an experience! It is really impactful and captivating! If you like history, grand stories brought to life, and going on a surprise journey - watch it! Wow :)

If you want a Star Wars moment (celebrity characters and glitzy cgi fakery) I suggest you pass.

One of the many things I am excited about is how the main characters soon find themselves taken from the slow, calm world of archaeology to the real living (smelly, scary, confusing) world they have only been imaging and (the most impressive part for me) they discover they are no longer the main characters! Great story - great acting - great pace - you really have to pay attention to keep up. I watched it on video on a movie size screen, and I stopped it three or four times to digest what had happened at several points. I love how so many people keep emerging, and they all seem to be individuals - no cartoon, decorative, or simpleton ghosts, they each have their own foibles and motivations, and they are all swept up in this whirlwind that is bigger than they are.

Whew! I am stunned at how the leading actors are part of the story, and not just given screen time to show their faces - the story really moves with little regard for them while they try to catch up! They all show why they are career pros, and elevate the production.

I like this movie because I like history and I think it gives the feeling most people would really have if ever this happened. This way it emotionally took me on the journey with them. Sometimes you have a role to play, sometimes you shut up and run like heck, and sometimes you watch what is happening and try to collect your wits.


I don't like violence, and had I known this film had the violence I probably would have skipped it, but it was treated with enough emotional weight and honesty that I just held on and hoped for the best for everyone. It isn't gory, and unlike many movies, even the 'bad guys' were given the respect to be shown as human, which I feel lifts the entire experience from Hollywood flash to a work worth the effort and trust of all the cast and crew.


I've read reviews on imdb for maybe 6 or 8 years, and registered now, specifically to leave a review for this great film. I have only read a few other reviews, and it seems some people had expectations that were disappointed. I had no expectations, except I read a few of the actor's names and a one sentence summary, and I would say this movie impressed me most of things I've seen in two years - since I saw Arrival in the theater.

Reviewed by mikek-50780 1 / 10

Not very goood...

I do not usually rate movies. In fact,this is the first movie I have ever rated. Some actors are better than others. However, this movie is a slapstick production that makes a mockery of the book. I watched half of the movie before shutting it off. This is a classic example of a wonderful story being synthesized into complete and utter lunacy.

Reviewed by andreolimarco 5 / 10

Too many differences from the novel

Usually the adaptation of a novel isn't worth the book itself, but sometimes it is. It's not the case of Timeline. I bought the book several months ago and then, when Sky Italy broadcast the film, I saved it on my MySky and I begun to read the novel. It's not the first Crichton's novel I read (before I had read Jurassic Park, The Lost World, A Case Of Need, Rising Sun and State Of Fear) and once I finished Timeline (taking a pretty long time because despite I love reading, I am not a regular reader) I decided it wasn't my favorite one.

Today I finally decided to watch the film. The cast looks cool: there are some not-so-famous actors, beyond stars Paul Walker and Gerald Butler, I knew. If you haven't read the novel you can enjoy it as a nice and decent action movie set in the Middle Ages. But if you've read it, well, you'll find some important changes and cuts.

The first thing I noticed once the film was finished is that Marek's character isn't well defined, since he decides to stay in the past, but the script doesn't tell us that he has a great passion for this historic period. So a person who hasn't read the book can't understand his choice; you can say that he's in love with Lady Claire, but it's a poor motivation.

Then, there are some sequences which aren't in the film: the mill and the tournament scenes are totally cut off from the screenplay.

Another basic question is the way the characters keep in touch with radio transceivers. It's important because through this narrative means, in the novel, the characters find out that there is another person from the present day.

Lesser important things: the existence of characters created by the film's writers who isn't in the novel (like the French guy who is sent with our heroes to help them with the language, even though in the novel there is a character who knows Occitan) or some changes in certain characters (e.g. Kramer is a woman in the book).

Even Doninger's end is slightly different: in the film he's killed by a knight, while in the novel he is sent in 1348, during the Black Death.

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