Time Changer


Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 1974


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Richard Riehle as Dr. Wiseman
Gavin MacLeod as Norris Anderson
Hal Linden as The Dean
Jennifer O'Neill as Michelle Bain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by skrayper77 1 / 10

What a ridiculous load of crap

If you see this movie, then I can only assume you've learned what I've learned... there is a Hell, and this movie is a 90+ minute preview of it. >From the beginning, you are force fed religious dogma of the far-right wing Christian Conservatism. The plot is a bit absurd. The person, 100 years removed from our technology, finds his way around a little too easily.

Basically, if you're a Christian group wanting a movie that says, basically, you're right, then watch this movie. Otherwise, if you're easily offended by movies that insult your intelligence or your way of life, I seriously don't recommend it.

The acting is fine, except for the two husbands, and the lead. Those three are in desperate need of acting lessons.

The period costumes are great, I give them that.

Reviewed by BZaphod 3 / 10

somehow watchable but not exactly good

I picked up Time Changer because it looked like a nice low-budget scifi time travel movie and I was in the mood for something like that. The description said it had something to do with some biblical stuff and time travel but I didn't expect a fundamentalist Christian film!

The movie had decent special effects and an interesting premise that could have gone places and been far more interesting than it ended up being. Our hero, who is a bible professor from the 1890s, eventually travels forward to the 2000s and finds that modern life is filled with the influences of evil - Jesus is nowhere to be found. This wonderful technological feat is accomplished with the assistance of a fellow bible teacher who somehow managed to invent a functional HG-Wells-style time machine. The movie starts to lose some credibility at this point, which is unfortunate because this happens very early in the film. Earlier (or perhaps immediately later, can't remember for certain), our hero professor was seen teaching what appeared to be a science class where he claimed that scientific findings could only be considered validated if it could be matched with what the bible says. What should be obvious to anyone is that this is clearly not what the scientific method is about, however it is presented such that the filmmakers appear to prefer the point of view that science is useful only if it supports their claims and otherwise is not useful.

In any case, that belief is perfectly valid and sensible in the context of the character at the time. So, if we accept that as the fact of life for these bible professors, then obviously the professor who went and invented the time machine isn't a very strong believer as I don't think there's any evidence (and none was offered) for the physics of time travel in the bible. So immediately there's a problem with mixed messages and credibility there, but never mind...

After the professor is convinced to take the leap into the future, the shock of modern technology was handled quite well in most cases. It was also fun to not have it pinned down to an exact year (as the character is reading the date off a newspaper to himself, a car honks a horn and it scares him into not finishing the date: it's just two thousand and... *honk*). Some of the shock went on a little too long, though. For instance, the car was one of the first things he encountered when he arrived and around two days later he's invited to a church movie night and takes a ride in a van. He sticks his head out the window like a dog might, is scared by the headlights and the starting engine, etc. That seemed a bit off since he'd been there a few days by this point and the city appeared to be quite busy with traffic. In any case, that's easy to ignore. The rest of the tech shock was well done - especially his first encounter with the TV which was delayed because he didn't even realize what it was until he saw a kid watching one and using a remote.

Unfortunately, our hero predictably starts to preach to virtually everyone he meets as if he's an authority on all life and religion just because he's from the past and is an elder. Eventually he gets himself a brief moment in the spotlight at the church he had been visiting where he proceeds to explain his concept of Christianity to them in a long monologue that was supposed to be moving and insightful, but mostly was just more of the same. A couple of husbands in the church begin to get a funny feeling about this guy (go figure) and investigate his name. They eventually conclude that he either is a time traveler or is impersonating this long dead bible professor and decide to find out which it is. The movie frames these guys as non-believer bad guys for being skeptical.

Just before the professor is to head back to his own time, he is confronted by those two men. In an effort to avoid being arrested or hauled away, he eventually breaks into an almost insane-like rant about how Jesus is coming soon and that he's a prophet so they should listen to him. Just in time, he's whisked away and one of the husbands wonders if perhaps this is the rapture he'd heard so much about.

The irony is that this essentially means the professor became a self-proclaimed (and most likely false) prophet claiming to know that the rapture was near and he was sent by God when truthfully he was sent by his fellow bible professor and did not have any God-given knowledge (that was stated or even hinted at).

As I understand it, Revelation claims that the time of the end is only for God to know and at the end of the film we see the inventor professor trying (and failing) to send a bible into the future. First 2080, then 2070, etc. as the scene fades out. Clearly he's trying to determine the exact date of the end times - which he shouldn't be able to know! Essentially, the entire premise of the movie cancels itself out because by being so insistent on their religious beliefs and how certain things are for God to know only, it means there couldn't ever BE a time machine in the first place because then mankind could find out something that only God should know! The entire movie's premise collapses and makes the whole thing basically worthless as it undermines it's own credibility in the end.

Reviewed by rachel-iriscelendine 9 / 10

As an antitheist, I actually loved this movie...

OK, I have to start this review off by saying I am an antitheist. I was raised Christian, dabbled in wicca, turned agnostic, atheist, then antitheist.

I stumbled upon this movie as a total accident and watched it for a laugh during work. However, I totally loved it. The lead in this movie says things in a way that makes me feel the actor truly feels that way. He gets upset by the tiniest things and this movie is a total crack up. I found myself rooting for him, wanting him to succeed, even though his goal is something I do not personally believe in.

If you are Christian, this is a great inspirational watch. If you're not, it's a great laugh and feel good movie.

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