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Kelvin Yu as Andy
Keir Gilchrist as Mushroom Dealer
Logan Miller as Mushroom Dealer
Joseph Cross as Joseph Burns
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by belomestnykh 1 / 10

I understood this movie. This movie didn't understand itself.

This film is a good example of what people that fail exams at film schools have to show as their thesis film. This hour and a half time wasting machine is full of cheap tricks that are surface level filmmaking. Calling this pile of garbage a film is a disgrace to film industry and filmmaking in general.

You may think that this is a psychological game, that it's much deeper and not for everyone, but it is not. This movie is not mysterious or challenging, it is very easily understandable, bad version of simple and not that hard to take in. The problems arrive when you watch a scene, know what it will end with and what will it lead to, then watch it do exactly that with no enthusiasm and emotional and visual attraction.

This thing is a pile of film-school-garbage made by someone who needs to repeat their program.

Reviewed by babyjaguar 3 / 10

Tilt: The Descent of A Mad Hispter Artist!

For an indie horror film, it was quite funny, than depressing. Although the story is original and quite intriguing with the anti-Trump references. In my opinion, it plays on whatever happens after teen angst... specifically suburban white entitlement. Its about a disillusioned filmmaker, Joseph who can not deal with adulthood. Being born with options even help from his mother in law, since "wifey", Kendra is in despair on combined of her salary and his dreams, won't supply a "bread winner" in the house, who blames her.

Anyways, he mopes around a L.A. Latino barrio, probably being gentrified by hipsters his age. He descends from a slow angst of creative frustration then quickly becomes what Joseph accuses Trump, a "bolstering angry white man"! I'm sorry -- I have seen so many of these frustrated creative people, upset that no one cares about their craft while they live lives of opportunities, but this story ends with acts of violence.

See it for Indie fun, but with a tad of uninteresting characters. I feel this film was trying to bridge the horror genre with art house, that directors like Ti West have been successful at. You can't blame this production crew for try inf, I did enjoy the political satiric elements!

Reviewed by Alison 5 / 10

A Horror Film For Our Times

"Tilt" is billed as the first horror film of the Trump Era, although it was filmed before the actual 2016 election took place. Joe is a documentary filmmaker living in LA with his pregnant wife, nurse Jo. He has been working on a new doc that aims to expose the "myth of the Golden Age" in American history, specifically the post-war period roughly from 1947 to the advent of the Beatles. Trouble is, Joe keeps expanding his vision, but Jo needs him to buckle down to work in a "real" job, one that brings in money, and oh, by the way, to become an adult already. But Joe's sense of reality is unravelling, one scene after anotherÂ…. I could see what filmmaker Kasra Farahari was going for here, but despite the excellent acting by Joseph Cross and Alexia Rasmussen, the film ends up being just too disjointed to work. Like Joe's documentary, "Tilt" really needs a sharper focus on a smaller theme.

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