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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 15526


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Mickey Rourke as Kasarov
Thomas Jane as Casey
Gary Dourdan as Ballpean
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dusan Petrovic 8 / 10

The Perfect Cycle

This wasn't like the Pulp fiction at all. This was the same story like The Payback with Lucy Liu. What's round comes around. For the main characters and heroes from both of this movies nothing's gonna be square. Ever. " Hero" of this movie'd thought that his wolf's skin could change so easily, but in that kind of situations always came the same old catch. Although, he'd had the idea that he could escape from his sins, was just the end of one of his chapters. Demons were always coming back with their tests in the name of someone or something who this kind of people liked the most. In this case it was peaceful life, full day job and beautiful woman besides him. But, there was more than one capital and main thing, which all of us should have as long as we live, all the way to the near end of our days. That was his damnation. That black midnight rider sooner or later's going to cut you down. However, this is only a movie and I just like happy endings.

Reviewed by michaeltrivedi 8 / 10

Great Movie!

I only watched this movie once, and didn't necessarily feel the need to watch it again. But it is amazing. All plot lines, and occurrences in this movie are just great. It is a nice little gem of a movie for people who like Pulp Fiction and Fight Club type movies. It's a crime movie that is very, very funny.

The plot is a guy who used to be in crime, and is now a straight arrow, has an ex-crime partner come by and drop a huge suitcase of dope off. The main character does not know this, but must now defend his home from the drug dealers and miscreants coming to his house looking for his buddy and the dope, and all before his wife gets home.

Great characters, great story, great time.

8 Stars

Reviewed by Akhil Balachandran 6 / 10

Another version of Pulp Fiction!!!

Casey was a drug dealer and now he lives a normal life with his wife. One day Casey's old partner Nick showed up. Nick borrows Casey's car for a ride and leaves a briefcase full of drugs without telling Casey. Peoples starts to show up in search of that briefcase. It's a one day story, moreover looks like a Pulp Fiction type movie. The music also plays out nicely and black humor works sometimes. The plot is simple with phenomenal scenario and actors handled their role amazingly. Overall, it's a watchable chaotic movie and I really enjoyed it.

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