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Josh Brolin as Corey Webster
Sherilyn Fenn as Velvet
Flea as Himself
Anthony Kiedis as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

Brolin doesn't work here

Corey Webster (Josh Brolin) is a skateboarder from the valley. He and his friends often clash with The Daggers from the Venice Beach area. Tommy Hook (Robert Rusler) is the Daggers' leader. Velvet (Sherilyn Fenn) is his girlfriend and Chrissy (Pamela Gidley) is his younger sister. Corey meets Chrissy at a club and they start going together.

It's a bit cheesy but it does have some skateboarders involved and the unknown unnamed Red Hot Chili Peppers. Josh Brolin is the skateboarding lead. He does simple boarding while the tricks and footwork are done by experts in cutaways. Brolin has proved himself over the years to be a reliable actor but there's a problem with him in this role. He may be a teenager but he looked older. Worst, he always gives off a narc vibe. He's never a rebel or the all-American. It would have been interesting to have a young Johnny Depp in that role. This was never going to be a big hit but it could have been a cult favorite with Depp in the lead.

Reviewed by cwbellor 10 / 10

You like games, right valley boy?

Corey is the golden boy of skating. But when he drops in on Captain Hook's family half pipe, road rash and gnarly pavement are the least of his worries. Corey's got the hots for Hooky's bodacious babe sister, Chrissy. But Corey is blinded by valley vision and he's not familiar with one of Daggertown's truisms – if you hang out here, you hang out with Daggers! Hook doesn't appreciate Corey ruining his show and anyone who knows Hook knows that Hook's show never stops. With the help of Monk the Punk and the other dirty Daggers, Hook is determined to keep Corey from playing kissy with Chrissy. But Corey is in over his head and he's about to find out that there are some games he just doesn't know how to play. When Hook challenges him to a game of joust, the odds are against him. It could be because, unlike Hook, he doesn't have a lock of his girlfriend's hair attached to an earing as a good luck charm. Hook won't be happy until Corey is just like break dancing, a memory! If Hook has to burn a ramp, get medieval in a half pipe or race the guy down a hill at sixty miles an hour to make that happen then he'll do it. Oh and by the way, that wild Indian picture happens to be stylin'!

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 6 / 10

You're boyfriends a lunatic....

Thrashin' is the age old story about a boy who falls in love with the rival gang leaders sister, with skateboards, and bodacious haircuts and clothing.

Plotwise, it's really nothing new, a sort of West Side story struggle, with the conclusion ultimating in a race called the LA Massacre, which just involves lots of people on Skateboards going really fast.

If Corey wins this race, he will become the face of Smash Skates or some other name. The thing is, The daggers leader doesn't like Corey going out with his sister, so he invites him to 'joust' which involves them chasing each other with a small bean bag on a stick.

Corey breaks his arm, ooooo, I wonder if he will win and become friends with the brother and get the girl at the end? I really don't know....

It's a typical eighties movie, made watchable by the likable cast and the admittedly good stunt-work and editing.

We have the usual breaks in plot to show off the fancy moves, and the fianl sequence involves lots of people flying in the air and landing in trees.

Brolin is great as the lead, and it's bright fun stuff to watch.

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