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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by invisibleunicornninja 4 / 10

This movie cannot be enjoyed if you have a brain.

When I sat down to watch this movie, I was prepared to enjoy it. I like superhero movies, and I heard a lot of good reviews. I don't agree with any of the critics I listened to before watching.

The beginning is actually ok. The visual effects are good and the action is partially decent (at least at the beginning). The only reason I enjoyed this movie was because I was laughing so hard. Not at any "jokes" though. I was laughing more at this movie's incompetence. If you are one of the surprisingly numerous people who enjoyed this nonsense, I'd appreciate it if you actually read my points on why this movie is terrible.

-The romance takes place over the course of about a day, and during most of that time Thor and Natalie Portman are nowhere near each other. Like, she runs him over with his car, they have a few brief conversations, then all of a sudden Thor is crying over the possibility of never seeing her again. It feels stupid and rushed.

-Thor doesn't really do anything to deserve the hammer. Like the stupid love story, this character arc (I was told it was supposed to be one) feels incredibly rushed. What they could've done instead of what they did is have Thor live on Earth for at least a month. They could've shown Thor learning how to live among humans, slowly realize the errors of his ways, and come to regret what he did. Loki's attack could've something that took a while to do and by the time he got around to it Thor could've been ready to defend humans because he actually cared for the species. There could still be the big dumb boring action scene at the end, but at least him getting back the hammer would be deserved. I'm not saying that this would be perfect, but it would be a hell of a lot better then what they went with.

-There's a lot of continuity errors. The shots themselves are good, but when they come one after another - not so much. It kinda takes you out of the movie when it goes from broad daylight to night to sunset and back to day over the span of a few sentences.

-Nothing makes any sense because nothing is ever explained. Powers/abilities aren't explained. None of the technology is explained (and by technology I mean the alien stuff not human technology - though there is some stuff with Natalie's cellphone that makes little sense but that has more to do with how stupid the characters are). Fight scenes have little tension and aren't fun not only because the characters are unrelatable and the fights themselves are poorly choreographed, but because you don't know what the characters can DO.

-The pacing is weird and a very simple plot is made difficult to follow through a very bizarre narrative.

-All the government officials are stupid. I get that the doctors were stupid as a joke (I think it was supposed to be a joke) but SHEILD is supposed to be a group of elite government officials. Why is everyone working for them dumber than a sack of bricks?

-There are so many plot holes concerning Loki that it makes my head hurt. Just try to think about his plan, and when various pieces of information are revealed to him. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

-Thor's friends are all stupid (literally) and underdeveloped. All the characters are underdeveloped, but Thor's friends are practically caricatures. They're annoying and they shouldn't affect the plot as much as they do. Also, ALL the characters are stupid. Everything in this movie is incredibly dumbed down to the point where nothing makes any sense.

I don't know a lot about how this movie was made, but everything feels very rushed. This movie could've been decent with an extra half hour of run time, better actors, and an editor who understands editing. The only people who seemed to know what they were doing were the camera people and whoever was in costumes/makeup/effects.

Reviewed by Kshitiz Mangal Bajracharya 6 / 10

Feels a little undercooked.


This film feels just like a rushed introduction to Thor before we got Avengers. It has some good parts, some bad. I have some mixed feelings about it. It isn't intriguing as the previous three MCU films. I really liked Iron Man, liked The Incredible Hulk to a considerable extent, didn't like Iron Man 2 much but it had some intriguing stuffs going on though overall it was a hot mess. Thor wasn't as messed up as Iron Man 2, but it doesn't have the elements which would make it a real "fun to watch" film. It is just there for the sake of being there. It didn't feel like they were trying something.

The major issue I had with this one was the transition between the tones - Shakespearean fantasy on Asgard and the "fish out of water" comedy. These two did not really cohese well with each other and when we cut from Asgard to earth and back, it feels like two different films going on. I prefer the Shakespearean fantasy stuff rather than the earthly part. It would've been much better. These two barely tie up well, which just creates a mess. Rather than some genuine stuff, it gives more time to unnecessary explanations of the realms using physics. And within two or three days Thor and Jane fall for each other .... which feels stupid. The plot device for this film is literally Jane accidentally hitting Thor with her vehicle. Loki's plan to kill Laufey to prove his father that he can be the king of Asgard seems really off the beat. It is one of those twists that we wouldn't have minded not seeing. A twist should've escalated this to some higher level but it doesn't. It just feels like "well .... okay" sort of thing. The fish out of water comedy is just lame. Calling Mjolnir as "Myau Myau", Hubble's law as "Hooble's law" and nonsensical jokes were all it had to offer. It didn't really feel funny, even though it tried. It feels there's something lacking, it feels dull in a bit of cringe-worthy manner. There's no chemistry between the characters. This film is overly dead serious at unnecessary points and horribly fails at being funny.

There are some likable things as well. The casting is GREAT. Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster were great (even though the romance and overall chemistry between Thor and Foster cannot be appreciated). The Shakespearean touch in the Asgardian parts were really appreciable. The second twist of the film Loki not dying and getting on earth to retrieve tesseract was better than the previous one. But, it was in the post credits scene lowering its value. Speaking of Loki, he is not really a type of "THE" villain, but is still the best MCU villain so far. Hiddleton as Loki was the best part of the film for me.

All in all, it is a clich├ęd fest. Feels good and quite disappointing at the same time. Obviously, there is the involvement of S.H.I.E.L.D. and all, which makes it feel like an advertisement of Avengers, just like Iron Man 2. I found it pretty exchangeable with Iron Man 2 on the whole, with less entertainment value. Nothing was special. The story it was trying to tell and the ideas put in it were not unlikable, just doesn't feel right.

Score : 6/10

Grade : B

Reviewed by Tristan-21 1 / 10

Politicized, anti-Germanic, anti-white trash

I refuse to support this or any other film funded by the enemy of my people to blaspheme our history, heritage, and mythology. They chose to cast an African as a Norse God DELIBERATELY for this purpose, and not just any god. For several reasons, they chose Heimdallr particularly to mock the Germanic people with this lie. I wonder if we will ever see a biblical drama where Abraham, Issac, and Jacob are portrayed by black actors, or a biopic where some blonde Irishman is cast as Shaka Zulu... I know the BBC has something in the works to use African actors to portray Greek heroes now. This is the purposeful cultural marxist destruction of our heritage. Not only are these demonic "elites" replacing us in Europe, they are replacing us in our own mythology. And most of you just don't care, or even yap like brainwashed Pavlovian dogs at those of us who do care, calling us "racists" in support of the enemies of your own people.

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