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Sean Penn as Cheyenne
Eve Hewson as Mary
Kerry Condon as Rachel
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Reviewed by Tweetienator 7 / 10

On the Road

Sean Penn plays superb a Robert Smith-like ex-rockstar who suffers of depression (or is it just boredom!?) after the live on stage is just a weak echo in his mind but the use of make-up and lipstick etc. is still the daily ritual. The movie itself is filled with many fine little stories, weird dialogues and pictures of almost surreal quality.

A good watch - if you like such kind of movies on the more storytelling and weird side of the movie cosmos.

Reviewed by Mark Rogers 1 / 10

Worst movie I've watched this Millennium

Rarely have I seen a movie so consistently inept. How do you even take Sean Penn, France McDormand, a David Byrne soundtrack, Robert Smith styling, and make it all suck? I love all of the above and detested the movie enough to wonder how anybody signed on for it.

Disclosure here that I have no familiarity with the director and have not seen his previous works. So that I do not comprehend what he was trying to accomplish with this stilting disjointed film. But even the premise of the film is of negligible interest to me. This was simply on TV, and so I watched it, thinking how bad could a movie with Sean Penn and Frances McDormand get? Although with the plot synopsis I had forewarning it wasn't my type of film.

This would appear to be the type of weird work that foreshadows that even the most accomplished actors make mistakes, get involved in films they probably shouldn't, and get swayed by something in order to be part of the project.

I'm trying to fathom any portion of this film that is redeeming or that makes it worth watching. Very rarely would I state this, I want my 2hrs back.

Reviewed by nhborges 5 / 10

Not even the genius of Sean Penn could save this one...

Premises are interesting. I would always watch a movie about/focused on the life of a retired/depressed rock star, factual or fictional... And indeed, Penn delivers a somewhat convincing performance as (Robert Smith-inspired?) Cheyenne (poor choice of pseudonym, if you ask me, but hey, there's also a band called "The Pieces of Sh*t", so)...

The problem is: that annoying voice!, and... Well, everything else. This is a pretty boring film, overall. Frances wasn't convincing, nor was anybody else besides Sean.

Sure, there are funny parts, but they're not enough to prevent the yawns, or fight the desire of doing something else during most part of it.

My 5/10 is strictly because of Penn's genius, indeed one hell of an actor, but he deserved a better script and a better... Well, everything.

Honorable mention to the David Byrne/Will Oldham teaming up to perform a satisfying soundtrack, especially the main track "Lay & Love", excellent in my opinion.

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