This Means War


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 163159


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Tom Hardy as Tuck
Chris Pine as FDR Foster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MakeBelieve63 8 / 10

Relationships, best friends and work

I truly watched this movie laughing continuously over the antics the men would go through to get a girl, and the problematic thoughts the women create to get the guy. The advise that a married woman would give a single female and the competition between two best friends. The funniest part is the apartment scene: she's so busy dancing and getting ready to watch a movie, she doesn't notice two men in her place. It's just funny. Because we focus on what we want to see I liked this movie.

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 8 / 10

A great comedy

When two very different federal agents, with a strong friendship between them, try to seduce and eventually fall for the same woman, the make a deal to fight fair for her heart. Obviously, this is not going to happen so, much sooner than imagined, they start to use every mean considered necessary for this sole purpose.

It's a movie which tries to seem serious by providing a good plot with a couple of good actors, but which can only lead to one result. Thus, what it ends up to be is a great comedy which presents multiple situations, bound to make you laugh out loud. The nice part is that it mostly succeeds, really making you laugh, or at least providing a very good time. The not so good part is that it tends to exaggerate in this aspect, focusing way too much on the funny part of things, leaving the story a little bit behind. It's not something that can ruin the experience, but it is worth noting it.

The overall impression it leaves is a very positive one, managing to create an entertaining atmosphere, with a not so predictable course of events which ultimately lead to a quite satisfying finale. It's a very good watch if you're in for a comedy but don't expect something ground-breaking in terms of everything else.

Reviewed by mrnunleygo 7 / 10

Silly premise still results in a smart, funny romantic comedy

Hey, this isn't Citizen Kane. But it's funny, the actors are all good, and even though the premise is pretty silly--two secret agent types pursuing the same woman--the writers milked the possibilities about as much as they could without getting mindlessly stupid. The principals don't try to assassinate each other, merely to undermine one another's efforts, and the story works. Also, it doesn't hurt in a Rom-Com that Reese Witherspoon looks gorgeous throughout--as I suppose do Chris Pine and Tom Hardy for those more inclined in that direction--and the supporting cast is equally charming, with Chelsea Handler and Abigail Spencer especially deserving of kudos. What's not to like?

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