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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KissEnglishPasto 9 / 10

A Fitting Tribute/Epitaph for One of the Most Talented and Troubled Personalities of the past 1/2 Century!

.......................................................from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. CA., CALI, COLOMBIA and ORLANDO, FL

Those of you who are fans will undoubtedly love THIS IS IT.(Although it most certainly will bring you some tearful moments) Those of you who aren't, will probably enjoy it a lot, despite any negative feelings or concepts you may harbor about Michael Jackson's personal life. Frankly, I was lukewarm about going to see it. Thanks to my wife Carmen's insistence, this outstanding work moved and inspired both of us.

Ever the consummate perfectionist, Jackson seemed poised to embark on a grueling 50 performance tour that, undoubtedly, would have served as the comeback/swan song to end all comebacks/swan songs?! This miraculously edited work (From over 1,000 hours of footage), apparently the brainchild of director Kenny Ortega, provides us with a direct window into the elaborate creative process of a true performing genius. What a show it would have been! Jackson was putting together a tour experience that elevated itself to near art form/near perfection. What a profound shame that it was never to be!

A stunningly awesome international ensemble of world-class dancers, singers, musicians, performers, and technicians were assembled by this Tour juggernaut, ALL of them seemingly worshiping the ground M.J. walked on. Was there any foreshadowing of the looming ominous event that caught us all by surprise? A few chips in M.J.'s armor? Frequently, he apologized to all present for "Holding back and not giving 100% in order to conserve energy and save his voice." But then again, most of the other performers were 1/2 his age! One thing is for certain: There will be no more Michael Jackson Tours, nor new Michael Jackson hits to add to his long and impressive list. They are his legacy to all of us and have forever become part of our cultural landscape. I recommend you experience THIS IS IT in a good home- theater for full impact...


Any comments, questions or observations, in English or EspaƱol, are most welcome!

Reviewed by Mr-Fusion 7 / 10

What could've been

Brass tacks, "This Is It" is a concert film, and I approached it just wanting to see Michael Jackson perform the big hits on stage. Also, the chance to see Orianthi shred Eddie Van Halen's 'Beat It' solo (I am a simple man).

Having said that, I did really like the glimpse at rehearsals for a major league concert; the tremendous amount of work from all involved (support dancers especially) and Michael's perfectionism. The guy deserves immense credit for knowing his stuff and laboring to get it right. And when he gets going, the energy is infectious.

His passing gives this an inescapable sense of finality (it's felt right from the beginning) and it's sad, really. He deserved to go out with a big tour. This at least gives us an idea what he had in mind.


Reviewed by Bryan Lam 10 / 10


Immortal. Great artists shall be viewed as the treasure of the world. Michael had been mistreated by mean media and selfish people around him. All the music fans in the world will remember him as the king of pop and an everlasting legend forever.

However, Michael is a 100% genius in music field. He still devotes his energy and time on creating immortal masterpieces and promoting pop music to the people around the world. His talent makes him a popular artist, and his attitude of hardworking enables him a respectful landmark in music history.

It's quite crazy that such kind of great man will be mistreat as a freak by mean persons and bullshit reporters. History will give him a real name of king of pop and the greatest charity unit ever!!

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