They Came Together


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
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Paul Rudd as Joel
Cobie Smulders as Tiffany
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jsgerke 1 / 10

Not worth your time

This may or may not contain a spoiler.

I was hopeful when I saw Paul & Amy were the stars of this movie, but it was truly disappointing. And, it didn't take long (10 minutes maybe) to determine it wasn't worth the time. I should have listened to my dear husband when he said to shut it off, but I didn't because I thought it would get better. Trust me, it doesn't. This movie is not worth the time, and anyone who says it is has to have been paid to say so. It was no where near as brilliant as Airplane!, Hot Shots, Naked Gun or any other classic parody. Save yourself and pick a different movie.

Reviewed by Tore Dahl 3 / 10

Weak movie - but with lovable main characters

This is.... surprisingly weak. You have both Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler, and none of them are particularly funny in this movie. That said, Rudd is more like a funny straight man more than most comedians, but he can shine, "slap-a-da-bass" anyone? The jokes in here are pretty dim too, and when Americans try to create surreal humour, they seem to always fail miserably. And then we have a lot of predictable scenes, where you can see the joke coming many, many seconds away. If only they were funny, you could forgive (some) of it. But no.

You're much better off watching Parks and Recreation again, where any five minutes of any episode, is much better than this entire movie.

Reviewed by Howlin Wolf 2 / 10

... and I left baffled.

Annoyingly smug and self-satisfied.

Make fun of romantic comedies all you want - God knows that some of them deserve it... but when you explain everything over and over, to make sure we get the 'joke', that makes you just as bad. Irony doesn't save you.

The vast majority of the humour drags insufferably... but then the one joke that does actually work on some weird level is edited so tightly as to deny us any reaction. It's a constant and perhaps even deliberate rejection of tone, and it had me off balance from the beginning, never to get back on side... Perhaps that was the intention, but if you want to destroy convention, then make it an inside job, and do it with engaging characters.

It's not as if I have a fundamental objection to David Wain's style of comedy, either, because I loved "Wanderlust"... Oh well.

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