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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by efreed09 2 / 10


A boring movie about someone who just can't decide if they want to spend their life as their true gender, or pretend to be the other.

It seems it is more about trying to enforce the notion that thought somehow changes biological gender and definitely targets the an audience that already supports that narrative. If you happen to believe that gender is physical state rather than a meta-spiritual state-of-mind, you will likely find the film frustrating to watch.

Production-wise, the film is not terrible, though a bit slow-paced for my taste. The acting, directing, casting, etc. is all on-par for what you would expect from an indie film. The film just seems fundamentally flawed in its content, which sinks it.

Reviewed by jas-wats 1 / 10

Sounds like Child abuse.

Wonder why it isn't banned or at least chastised as such?

Reviewed by femfilmfans 8 / 10

They Don't Wanna Grow Up

This film is an intimate portrait of a person - J or the eponymous "they" - who simply cannot decide if they want to become a man or a woman. They wish they could be a child forever. This indecision is a theme that director Anahita Ghazvinizadeh masterfully weaves into the entire story. Influenced by Robert Bresson's concept of ellipsis and fragmentation, the film is subtle but visually beautiful, just like the main character J, excellently played by Rhys Fehrenbacher. One learns about gender nonconformity and comes to the realization that gender perhaps really doesn't matter in the end as long as you have people who support you.

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