There's No Business Like Show Business


Comedy / Drama / Musical / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 69%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 4759


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Marilyn Monroe as Vicky Parker
George Chakiris as Dancer
Hugh O'Brian as Charles Gibbs
John Doucette as Stage Manager
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cmdahoust 9 / 10

The part that stuck out for me is....

At the end of the movie when Ethel Merman is singing the number and her son (Donald O'Connor) who has been missing for a year shows up. Her family is on the side of the stage trying to get her attention that he is there. She looks over and sees him, and stops for a spilt second. Then she finishes the song without missing a beat. She then rushes off stage to hug him. That one scene is a microcosm of the life in show business. She kept her composure and finished the song under the most difficult of circumstances. Merman's character exemplifies what being in the industry meant to people. Thus the title of the movie.

Reviewed by Chris_Docker 5 / 10

a lot of talent sadly gone to waste

What should have been a great movie fell short even in the hands of the great Walter Lang. Instead of sparkling with many great song-and-dance routines it tends to slump, overloaded with far too many numbers at the expense of plot. The wonderful Donald O'Connor performs some of his comedic routines: but he worked best as a second lead, not the lead in a film. Monroe is clearly the star, but it is as if she has been reluctantly shoe-horned in instead of building the film around her. Much of the acting and script is pedestrian, and Ethel Merman's singing is bearable until we are treated to too many rather average songs and reprises. Monroe's appearances, for all the constant razzamatazz, are easily the most memorable, and possibly not so much because of outstanding on her part but as a welcome breath of fresh air amid the rather lacklustre cacophony.

Reviewed by Ian 5 / 10

Oodles of Show Tunes

(Flash Review)

The story follows the Donahue family from the husband and wife song and dance act through to when they have three kids all part of the act. Some kids decide to leave as they want their own career and then Marilyn enters the act creating light strife. Anyway, as usual Marilyn commands ever scene she is in and even though Merman and the male lead sing more, and do a great job, tend to play second fiddle. The story is OK but there are so many songs that it feels choppy and many of the songs don't' advance the main story. I watched it because of the famous song (movie title) but overall the film is for those who like song and dance and lavish costumes (not me) and/or Marilyn.

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