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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ockiemilkwood 8 / 10

Beautiful Horror, But NOT a Happy Ending

1) This is not a happy ending, not just two female lovers walking into the sunset together. Thelma controls Anja, just as Thelma is herself controlled by disinhibited, subconscious drives (the id). These drives made Thelma involuntarily kill her baby brother and father, and put her mother in a wheelchair. Thelma similarly involuntarily controls Anja, making her breakup with her boyfriend and bringing her to stand outside her apartment window. Anja's love for Thelma is also involuntary. Thelma violates Anja's individuality, her boundaries. Thelma subconsciously makes Anja touch her sexually in the concert hall, just as she suffers lascivious fantasies when she thinks she's under the influence of marijuana. Thelma's father explains this.

So what will happen when Thelma and Anja have a quarrel, if love turns to hate, or when Thelma doesn't get her way with Anja or when she becomes jealous of Anja? Will she set her on fire, as she did her father, or bury her under ice, as she did her baby brother?

2) The movie is beautifully told, using images rather than chatter to convey its story. The images are fine, as is the soundtrack. The movie has a dreamy quality, in keeping with its descent into the subconscious - the line between reality and the subconscious blurs.

There's unity from beginning to end and of form and content. Recurrent themes and images are seamlessly woven throughout, like her father being set on fire, recalling his holding Thelma's hand over an open flame when she was a child; and like the snake, which we first see entering Thelma's grandmother's bed before we even know she has an institutionalized grandmother and which recurs in Thelma's sexual fantasy, both as a phallic symbol and a reference to the evil serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Information is intelligently, gracefully revealed, holding our attention, building suspense, in a subtle process of discovery, both for us and Thelma.

PS. The film's calm purity and minimalism, in contrast to its horror, reminds one of Let the Right One In (08, also Sweden).

Reviewed by mattiasflgrtll6 8 / 10

I want to see it again already.

I feel like in the future, I might appreciate this movie even more. You really have to respect the ethics of it. Odder, unusual movies are commonly only screened at festivals, so it makes me very happy that this is one that slipped through the cracks and made it to the regular theaters. This is one of the most unique experiences I've had all year.

It revolves around Thelma, who grew up in a religious household and now is an adult living on her own. She's pretty shy and doesn't know how to talk to anyone at school. One day when she sits besides a girl (who will become very important to the story), she starts shaking and crows crash into the windows. She's having an epileptic seizure. But why?

Once she starts to have feelings for Anja (with Anja showing feelings back) as well as drinking and smoking (which her parents openly have discouraged), her powers start to spiral out of control even more, having horrifying nightmares and weird visions.

This is a very nice and slowly paced (in a good way) movie, but "nice" does not always equal comfortable. It will make you happy with emotions bubbling up in you, it will scare you one other moment and it will make you very sad. As the movie goes on it gets darker and darker, but instead of delving into full-on horror territory it makes you think a lot, and deals with Thelma getting increasingly emotionally conflicted. Why does she have these powers if they don't do any good for her? Is she punished by her sins or is she punished because she has lived out her life restrictfully? There's an interesting conversation at the beginning, where Thelma makes fun of creationists for believing the Earth is only 6000 years old, and her parents tell her she shouldn't make fun of what others believe and that she doesn't know much more herself about what created the world and what controls it. Thelma feels belittled, like she's been relieved of all sorts of independent expression. Despite this, she apologizes to her father afterwards since she's too afraid to break their rules, that she'll lose her love if she deviates too much from what she's been brought up to think.

The romance aspect is handled very nicely. It doesn't feel the slightest bit sappy, Elli Harboe and Kaya Wilkins play their characters gracefully, and their scenes together are never bloated by Hollywood esque music, which would remove some of the subtlety.

Joachim Trier also makes this movie look GORGEOUS visually, you often feel like you're inside of some strange lucid tangible dream world, and whenever scary things occur it's absolutely beautiful to look at.

It's not suitable as simple escapist entertainment, but if you want something which will make you think about the characters afterwards, not just how well-acted they were, but them as people, then I promise you won't regret it.

Reviewed by Kinlever Kinlever 9 / 10

Interesting and fresh genre experiment, multiple gains

The film is a mixture of several genres. Coming of age and coming out story combined with family drama and horror. Some people say it resembles of Carrie, because of Christian extremism, but it is actually a side story, Christianism here was just a pretext to keep a girl separated from real life and usual experiences and feelings. But the best part is actually the metaphor of growing up in an unloving family, and being a neglected child. The film just shows what would have happened, if a neglected child could have taken (unwillingly) revenge of her uncaring parents. It could be interpreted as a tense and well directed metaphor of what is going on, suppressed, in a sole of the unloved child; child who has been convinced by her parent that their obsessive control is a substitute for love. Uncontrollable and forbidden love for a new person in life is a good challenge for the battle with dark forces of the unloving family. Its definitely worth seeing, for the fans of a tense movies which require good nerves and strong attention. Highly recommended.

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