Their Finest


Comedy / Drama / Romance / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 87%
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Sam Claflin as Tom Buckley
Gemma Arterton as Catrin Cole
Jake Lacy as Carl Lundbeck
Bill Nighy as Ambrose Hilliard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Orlando Somera 8 / 10

Great movie to see after Gary Oldham's Darkest Hour

These two films revolve around the near disaster of Dunkirk and though Darkest Hour may be the superior film, Their Finest is just as blessed with wonderful acting, especially that of Gemma Arterton and Bill Nighy.

For my wife Their Finest was the superior film as it tugged at her heart strings and centered around an impressive female lead, Ms Arterton as Catrin Cole, who in the story stumbles into a job as a screenwriter during WW2. She turns out to be quite good at writing 'slop' as her cowriter, Sam Claflin as Tom Buckley, refers to the female dialog and other 'filling' in a screenplay. It turns out that if a movie is to play authentic and optimistic as required by the War Department, you need a woman's touch. And in fact many mildly feminist points are made in this story.

All in all a good movie to rent as DVD.

Reviewed by Myriam Nys 4 / 10

doesn't have all that much to say or teach

This tragicomedy contains things to like, such as a sensitive and careful reconstruction of everyday life during wartime. There are also flashes of wit and insight to savour. But it is unclear what, if anything, the movie hopes to say or teach or achieve. Does it want to tell us that life is short and war is cruel ? That movies, especially propaganda movies, tend to embellish and embroider ? That the making of movies, especially propaganda movies, is a demanding and capricious business ? But surely we knew all that ?

Another of the movie's themes concerns the shifting role and work division between men and women. But again, there have been other, earlier movies that treated the same subject. Besides, it's difficult to pick up a school book on modern Western society that doesn't mention this transformation.

The biggest disappointment, for me, came from the scenes where the viewer (finally !) gets to see the propaganda movie about the Dunkirk evacuation. You expect something grand, something sweeping, something stunning - or, who knows, perhaps something cheesy or chaotic beyond belief. Instead you are rewarded with a few glimpses of what seems like a nicely crafted but unremarkable work. It's underwhelming, especially for a sweeping epic that was supposed to rouse the USA to full-throated fury.

Was this the movie that launched a thousand ships and burnt the topless towers of Ilium? No, mate, it wasn't.

Reviewed by begob 8 / 10

Heartening romance lets in the light and the dark

During the Blitz a struggling copywriter gets a job to help write a propaganda film about the Dunkirk evacuation, but the men in her life are not always helpful ...

Lovely period drama, with a good balance of humour and hurt, and well produced all round. It's a long run time, but the pace is good, and the location switches keep the interest up. The story is love in a time of war, and there are several ups and downs amid the grim cruelty, with the added irony of the characters suffering the screenwriter's trick that they themselves apply: keep upping the ante until they have no choice but to resolve their predicament.

There's also amusement in the camera trickery.

One complaint: there is a brutal twist, which does tie in with the theme of life not being structured like stories, but I am bewildered by it and feel it wasn't handled right.

Some of the humour comes from the chemistry between the screenwriters, but mostly from the crew on set down by the seaside, where Bill Nighy is on good form. The lead actress shows how good she is with quality material, and the cast delivers a solid performance. I particularly liked the scene with the twin sisters in Devon.

Overall: Heartening romance that lets in the light and the dark.

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