The Young Lions


Action / Drama / War

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Marlon Brando as Lt. Christian Diestl
Dean Martin as Michael Whiteacre
Montgomery Clift as Noah Ackerman
Lee Van Cleef as 1st Sgt. Rickett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ianlouisiana 8 / 10

You need to watch this through the eyes of the 1958 audience..................

......................otherwise "The Young Lions" is in danger of being the cinematic equivalent of "Hamlet",a film,if you like,full of quotations. It is certainly full of scenes that have become over - familiar with the passing of sixty years and being the victim of innumerable "hommages" or blatant plagiarism in many cases. Mr M.Brando's archetypal blond S.S. officer is still being parodied today as is Mr M.Clift's turn as a peace - loving Jew facing prejudice from his own countrymen. Mr D.Martin sadly became a parody of himself a few years down the line but had a hell of a good time doing it. Mr Brando loved an accent all his career and has a glorious opportunity for conveying that rara avis a sensitive and decent German officer who abhors the more appalling excesses of his fellows. I sat in "The Essoldo" Brighton and was nearly blown out of my seat in the scene where Brando escapes in the desert on a motor - cycle and the full sounds of battle erupted all around me.It may not have been stereophonic - but it was amazing for the time and is my abiding memory of a film that set the pace for a hundred lesser productions.

Reviewed by elvircorhodzic 7 / 10

"I wish I was back in the snow... in the winter... in the mountains."..

THE YOUNG LIONS is a war drama about three soldiers in the World War Two, whose stories are overlapping in certain periods of time. The film was based on the 1948 novel of the same name by Irwin Shaw.

On the eve of the World War Two,an Austrian ski instructor in the Alps meets an American tourist. Flirting is not escalating into something more serious. The tourist is confronted with German nationalism. A famous singer is trying to take the best possible position at the time of recruitment in the US Army. An American Jew, who has started an affair with a young girl, has to face the anti-semitism which, it seems, is not behind the German. The ski instructor joins, as a patriot, German forces in a battle for the occupation of Paris ...

Three completely different stories are accidentally connected in the war circumstances. The protagonists who exposed to emotional and physical shocks. The three protagonists, which are faced with bloodshed and inhumane circumstances, exhibit strange moral values and personal rebellion.

Marlon Brando as Christian Diestl is the ski instructor and a German lieutenant. He is an idealist, who was disappointed with the war, casualties and a regime at the end. Nazism has destroyed his character. He looks at war with sadness that goes into depression. One human spirit is completely defeated and disappointed. This character evokes sympathy.

Montgomery Clift as Noah Ackerman is the young Jew. His character is unusual, sensitive and unclear. Characterization could be better in this case. It is difficult to determine the nature of his character, because he is usually helpless or dazed. However, he shows vague defiance in some scenes. Syndrome of a rebel without a cause is inappropriate in this case.

Dean Martin as Michael Whiteacre is a showman, who is in the military against his will. However, he has participated in a great battle in the end. The struggle between conscience and compassion is evident in him.

Maximilian Schell as Captain Hardenberg, a vicious Nazi commander, is probably the most compelling character in the film. Female characters in the film are presented as a kind of voice of reason in different circumstances. Hope Lange as Hope Plowman is a very honest character, who is involved in a touching romance at the beginning of the film. Unfortunately, that love dreaming, later, lost its purpose.

Although Mr. Dmytryk has elaborated extremely important war themes, through episodic war stories, the overall effect is too lenient for a movie that lasts almost three hours.

Reviewed by tomsview 7 / 10

Big movie, bigger book

"The Young Lions" was one those big Hollywood war movies I remember seeing with my family at the local cinema during the late 1950s.

I saw many of those films and actually read most of the slab-like novels they were based on: "Battle Cry", "The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit", "From Here to Eternity" and Irwin Shaw's "The Young Lions" - there just weren't that many competing devices back then.

I usually read the books after seeing the films and then became acutely aware of how the movies suffered under the censorship of the day. The novels often filled in some serious gaps in my sex education, but the films never did.

The story is about three soldiers: a German, Christian Diestl (Marlon Brando), and two Americans: Noah Ackerman (Montgomery Clift) and Michael Whiteacre (Dean Martin). The film follows their fortunes through WW2 until they cross paths at the end.

The film has a number of authentic, well-executed sequences shot on location. However these are mixed with flat, over-lit scenes shot on the blandest of backlots and soundstages - the interiors are particularly artless. Documentary footage also added to the lack of a definitive style.

Fortunately the action scenes open the film out. The most arresting of them was the ambush of a British convoy in North Africa. It would have touched a nerve with many in that audience in 1958 as our guys had been part of the British Eighth army and the war had only been over for 13 years.

One of the surprises in the movie was the anti-Semitism Noah Ackerman encounters in the U.S. Army. Monty Clift faced a tough enlistment in "From Here to Eternity", but it was even tougher here. He looked worn (this was after his accident in 1956) and seemed a bit too old, but his performance is the most affecting in the film. No wonder Brando was wary of his talent.

Dean Martin without Jerry Lewis was another surprise, but he was good as the soldier with better motives than he thought.

Brando's blonde, broad shouldered Diestl starts out as a fine example of the master race, but his journey through the rise and fall of the Third Reich makes him thoughtful. He is treated rather sympathetically in the movie, although he was more of a nasty Nazi in the novel. However they may have overdone Diestl's disgust at every turn.

I can see why Irwin Shaw was disappointed. However the film has its moments, and is still one I have no trouble watching every now and then.

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