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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leftbanker 6 / 10

Great Topic, Poor Execution

As a really lousy piano player I am in complete awe of musicians like these who can do almost anything with their instrument.

Riveting subject matter but the structure of this documentary is a complete mess. Part of the problem is that the distance in time from when the film was made and the events being chronicled. It would have taken a lot more money and effort to really do this subject justice.

Another problem is that none of the musicians they interviewed were articulate speakers and had little to say but this could be blamed on the filmmaker not asking the right questions. The one exception perhaps was his father, Tommy Tedesco who had a few funny and revealing bits in the film.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 9 / 10

A wonderfully informative documentary on the best bunch of session musicians that ever existed

The Wrecking Crew were an elite group of top-notch musicians on the West Coast who reigned supreme as the go-to folks to hire throughout the 1960's. It's astounding the sheer volume of hit songs that they played on that includes everything from "Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys to "California Dreamin'" by The Mama and the Papas to "The Beat Goes On" by Sonny and Cher. While Carol Kaye, Hal Blaine, Don Randi, Plas Johnson, Joe Osborn, Earl Palmer, and other members of this anonymous, yet illustrious bunch might not have ever achieved household name status, they nonetheless had an important and influential role in the crafting and recording of many classic songs that stands tall as a legacy to be proud of.

Director Danny Tedesco, who's the son of noted Wrecking Crew guitarist Tommy Tedesco, covers plenty of fascinating ground on these extraordinary musicians that includes the origin of their nickname stemming from the fact that they wore casual apparel, their involvement in Phil Spector's Wall of Sound, putting long hours in the studio which for some took a heavy toll on their personal lives, recording stuff for fake bands or bands who didn't know how to play their instruments well (yep, we do indeed get the straight scoop on The Monkees), working sans credit on countless hit records, and how things came to an end once bands became more able to play their own instruments at the end of the 1960's. Best of all, this documentary not only gives the Wrecking Crew their long overdue due, but also serves as a marvelously entertaining and enlightening chronicle of the evolution of rock'n'roll music throughout the 1950's and 1960's. Loaded with terrific behind the scenes footage and further enhanced by a spot-on soundtrack (naturally), this honey rates as a total treat.

Reviewed by zee 8 / 10

Loved it

As a musician and a woman of a certain age, I nearly worship Carol Kaye as a goddess, and that led me to this film. And while I got a terrific dose of her music and storytelling, I got a lot more than that.

There is nostalgic music, funny people telling great stories, a softening of decades of wisdom to what might have one time been resentment and jealousy and so it's a thoughtful examination of the studio musicians and this moment in history. I really love what was said here about work ethic. The Wrecking Crew worked their butts off, and you don't get anywhere in an art without doing that... And even when you are the best, as they were, you still have a short shelf life.

I enjoy documentary films. While this was not a perfect one, there's so much love here in the making of the movie that I forgave the few shortcomings. And it's a crucial piece of music history.

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