The World's End


Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 7 10 214648


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Rosamund Pike as Sam Chamberlain
Pierce Brosnan as Guy Shepherd
Simon Pegg as Gary King
Martin Freeman as Oliver Chamberlain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Evans 8 / 10

Outrageously huge fun.

I must start by admitting to have reviewed this previously and removed it, last time round I must have been in a bad mood, I criticised it for going off the boil, however in recent times I've gotten so into it, it's meant to be bonkers, outrageous and utterly over the top and it sure is. I think there's something incredibly British about the humour, the world could come to an end, but there's still time for nostalgia, and more importantly there's still time for a pint. It's still perhaps my least favourite of The Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, but the other two are that good, and hard acts to follow. It is clever, it's witty, and which of us doesn't know a Gary? If only it didn't have to be a trilogy, would have loved more from this successful group, it's an underrated gem.

Reviewed by Smoreni Zmaj 9 / 10

The best one in trilogy

According to IMDb, Shaun is the best, and then the trilogy goes downhill. My impression is just the opposite. Shaun of the Dead was an experimental attempt, and then the same team, motivated by its success, continued in the same style and achieved better results, crowned with The World's End. Perhaps this SF horror action comedy is not so much better than its predecessors as I liked it more for the characters I can identify with, because under the mask of fantasy, horror and crazy action hides a very realistic human drama. This movie criticizes globalization and a modern society in which it is desirable that each individual be just a well-oiled gear in the mechanism, alienation and loneliness of unadjusted, as well as self-deception of those who live seemingly perfect lives. Anyway, this movie has delighted me and I am eager to see if Wright and Pegg can overcome themselves again.


Reviewed by bowmanblue 8 / 10

Good fun (but not classic Pegg/Frost)

'The World's End' marks the last (?) in the 'blood and cornettos' trilogy (aka Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and now this), but it has been the least well-received of the three. Instead of horror or action, now the team behind the films parody science fiction. It's about five forty-something men who decide to attempt a 'legendary' pub crawl which they failed at during their youth. However, this - unfortunately - coincides with a most sinister alien presence that's started to take over their town.

The first thing I found was that it wasn't as funny as the previous two. Therefore, I was in the process of NOT enjoying it that much, until about half way through when the 'character-building' part of the tale ended and the action really kicked off. About halfway through when the evil reveals itself, the film changes gear and moves away from (attempted?) humour to action and science fiction.

I kind of felt it worked a lot better as sci-fi rather than comedy. Plus, whereas we're used to seeing the film's star - Simon Pegg - as a usual bumbling but lovable character, here he breaks form and comes across as a bit of an insufferable berk. He's actually pretty annoying for most of the first half, but luckily tones it down for the second leg.

Basically, if you're hoping for something equally humorous as 'Shaun' and 'Fuzz' then you probably won't find it here. However, if you're a fan of action and sci-fi then the second half will probably save it for you and tick all your boxes.

It's also worth noting that a lot of people disapproved of the ending. I certainly thought it was bold if nothing else!

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