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Action / Drama / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 68080


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Olivia Wilde as Daniella
Zoe Saldana as Dora Jansen
Bradley Cooper as Rory Jansen
J.K. Simmons as Mr. Jansen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by koogie 8 / 10

Why Stories Are The Bedrock of Great Films (or used to be)

A film that shows the power of a good story above all else. Converting that to the screen is another story, and although I love the story and the production, I thought some of the actors overpowered the cast (the old man shines above the other actors, and is great. In fact so good, it's worth watching for his work alone. Lop sided talent on the acting side, but such a great story, and film worth watching. B.K.

Reviewed by pranderson063095 9 / 10

Missed it by "This Much"

The movie has not been received well by the critics. Not surprising at all. The public, on the other hand, likes the movie. This is a movie that tends to cause one to overthink it when it's structure is pretty obvious. This is where it falls apart. A story about an author who writes a story about and author who breaks the one rule no author should break when he steals the work of another unpublished author.

Working backwards, the movie works until it fails to resolve the top level story. Leaving very obscure clues is not enough. Having a character without any connected background or confirmation of why they are in the story is the Missed it by "This Much." Open ended is fine but unresolved is not. Two of the three stories are profound but they rest on a shaky foundation that the viewer must now decide for themselves. "At some point, you have to choose between life and fiction. The two are very close, but they never actually touch." says Clay. Yes, we must decide whether it is life or fiction but, yes, the two do touch.

Who is who is almost explained but not quite. The redemption which Rory seeks for his sins is obscure and the writers make it so because they do not want to be accused of being trite or cliche. Well in this one part, they are. The two inner stories would hold up just fine without the smoke that Daniella brings to the movie. In fact, remove all of the scenes in Clay's condo because they really do nothing for the story. It does nothing to conclude that Daniella's objective is to bed the famous author she has a crush on. We can be thankful that although she almost succeeds, she doesn't, at least not in this fiction.

The critics who blast the movie because of its lack of literary acclaim are typical of critics who see only their version of the way things should be. Perhaps the fact that the final resolution is not so open-ended as it is simply confusing and leaves gaping holes in the story. We find 90% of the movie profound and enjoyable and actually very realistic. It's the 10% at the end in Clay's roost that we are left dangling without sufficient clue. The baseball is not enough.

Reviewed by alixke 1 / 10

An american version of "Lila, Lila"

It's funny because the film is a story about its story. the german film "Lila, Lila (2009)" has exactly the same plot. But the cinematography and actors are better than in this one. So if you are hesitating I would watch the german version.

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