The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 21%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 22982


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Helen McCrory as Jean Hogg
Jeremy Irvine as Harry Burnstow
Phoebe Fox as Eve Parkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shanu-r2200 5 / 10

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death tries hard to entertain and scare but somehow fails to deliver.

The Woman in Black Angel of Death: Movie Review.

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death is an okay type of fair horror movie with some creepy and scary elements. The movie has dark atmospheric tone and vibe and is visually stylish and sharp, but lacks the creepiness of the first part The Woman in Black film, still the movie has some visually dark and creepy sequences.

The film lacks intensity and intriguing elements in it story because there is not much story. Main lead characters are dull and boring. The film lacks character development and there is very less feel of tension and scares. The story feels empty and undeveloped. The horror aspect of the movie seems hollow at certain points and has no deep or real impact. All over, its just a below average not so good horror film.

(Please Note: That This Review represent only my professional point of view and my personal honest opinion about the film, and does not represent others. Thank You).

Reviewed by vishnu-dileep08 4 / 10

"A bad movie, scary? Not at all I think we should stick to the prequel"

This happens 40 years after the first encounter at the Eel Marsh house. A young woman and some children come back to stay in this famous house awakening the houses darkest secrets.

Talking about the story it started off promising but soon went downhill. If you want to get some scares and don't care about the story line this movie is still not for you as there was nothing scary in this movie. I felt the acting was OK but they could not show their real talents if they get a story line like this. This movie was just made because they needed a sequel. I would suggest to stick to the prequel and don't watch this. The ending was predictable. A good part of this movie is that they cleared out the story of the ghost properly as it was not done in the prequel. No I would not suggest anyone to watch this movie.

Notable Acting

Phoebe Fox

My Rating 4/10

Reviewed by DBLurker 5 / 10

Just like the first movie..

I'll be honest, I really don't understand the people who liked the first movie and hate this one for being just like the first movie.

The only noticeable difference between both of them is that, in the first movie, there was a sense of isolation because of one person in the house, over a bunch of children and their two teachers.

The awful jump "scares" are still here and the non-scary character of "Woman in Black (WiB)" returns. In-fact, they repeat the same mistakes from the first movie and try to explain way too much and show too much of the WiB character. Keeping WiB's character in shadows and not showing her terrible CGI/makeup caked face would've provided more terror than using her face for jump "scare" here and there.

My complaint with both movies is the same. Despite having good acting (both of them) and good atmosphere, they fail to create proper horror the moment WiB shows up and her shtick of moving items and opening/closing doors begins all over again. They NEED to keep her in the dark and only show her dress, which some scenes actually DO.

Unlike the first movie (6/10), I am giving this one 5/10 despite enjoying the acting of the lead actress and even the children, more than the last one (Radcliffe, nope.. did not like him much in that movie). One point taken off for shooting some key scenes in horrible lighting. The scenes in cellar are the ones I am talking about. The characters keep looking at items for so long and all you're doing is trying to squint and make out what in the hell they are actually looking at. All cellar scenes are intentionally shot under one candle-light or a lamp, and it's a bad idea.

In one of the horror scenes with all characters in cellar, they keep trying to light a candle but WiB keeps blowing it out (or wind being passed by her?). But then, when the scene ends, the male character turns on his flashlight. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He didn't turn on the flashlight when everyone was scared of darkness but did it instantly at the end? Really? They didn't think people would question that? He didn't even try to turn on the flashlight before, AT ALL.

That said, this movie is NOT bad. It just does what the first one did. Ignore the people giving it 1/10 and whining about it being worse than the first one. They obviously had a hard-on for Radcliffe and gave that movie flying colors, despite him being average in that movie and rest of the movie being same as this one. Read the reviews of the first movie, many are first time horror viewers who are praising Radcliffe and obviously saw the horror movie cause they were Harry Potter fans. They then saw this movie thinking there would be some connection to Radcliffe but since he isn't here, they ended up focusing on the movie's flaws which were present in the first movie.

While we're at it, REALLY? Are you seriously setting up the ending for another sequel? We all know that they want to milk the WiB cow till they won't make any profit from her at all. Both movies had $15 million budget and first one made them $125 million while this one made them about $49 million dollars. This is a nice profit even if the movie is just average. The third movie will make them even less profit it seems.

Maybe end the movie as a trilogy then, cause we know they're gonna make a sequel. Just let it be the last one.

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