The Wolf of Wall Street


Action / Biography / Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 8.2 10 975252


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Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort
Margot Robbie as Naomi Lapaglia
Matthew McConaughey as Mark Hanna
Cristin Milioti as Teresa Petrillo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kilohertz44 1 / 10

A Farce you can skip.

Martin Scorsese could have created a Real Movie about Real Characters who committed terrible acts on Wall Stree. Instead he chose to create a comedy farce for the sole purpose of a box office hit in order to generate tons of cash just like the character Belfort. There is no mention of the victims of Belfort's scams. I cannot believe he has been nominated for Best Director for this piece of Trash. I don't understand how this movie received 8.7 on IMDb.

The formula for the Box Office hit Pot Pourri is simple: Wild Parties, Fast Cars, Expensive Houses, Huge Yachts, Drunken Helicopter Pilots, Lots of drinking, drugs, Naked Women, Orgies, guns, Cheating husbands, Money laundering, Slimy Swiss bankers, seducing hot babes, seducing ex-babes (grandmas, And finally,Idiotic Extreme Behavior by brokers who act super smart in one scene And pathetically stupid in another scene. If Tarantino had been the director, I would have said, fine, that is his style, but Marty, I expected a bit more class from him.

This movie Glorifies Scumbags who manipulate people who entrust them with their hard earned dollars The scumbags have no moral or ethical dilemmas. The movie turns them into heroes to be emulated. Belfort's sentencing agreement mandates a total of $110 million in restitution yet the victims have received little of this.

The script at times makes you think it was written by a hyper-hormoned immature male high school dropout teenager. It tries extremely hard to be funny, yet it falls flat on its face in this arena. Reminded me of a 22 minute sit com on TV, yet no one in my row was laughing at the jokes. The story could have been summarized in 30 minutes, Get ready for 180 minutes We are forced to watch one unnecessary scene after another, the same topic is repeated over and over again, Same arguments, same sales pitches "Sell me this Pen", OK I got it, Belfort is a charismatic Speaker and a great Sales Person, I don't need to have it hammered in my brain.

The Range of behaviors of the characters go from one Serious Extreme to completely irresponsible infantile idiotic and unbelievably stupid levels. Watch Donnie (Jonah Hill) Play with himself in public when he first takes a look at Naomi Lapaglia ( Margot Robbie ). Remember that he is the Number 2 Lead at the Investment firm and Later in charge of running Stratton Oakmont. How can he be so stupid and so smart at the same time. The Characters are Caricatures of the real people they are supposed to depict. The tone was set after the first few minutes of Belfort's (DiCaprio) narrative while he is starring at the camera. It did not work for me. There are only two decent scenes in this movie that stand out for their realism. When DiCaprio first Seduces his future blonde wife at dinner in the restaurant When The two Fed agents board Belfort's Yacht Nadine and Belfort in a sly arrogant manner attempts to bribe the investigators.

Some movies are must see movies Because they change your view of the world and you never forget them.

This movie changes nothing.

Reviewed by Gavin Purtell 8 / 10

DiCaprio definitely deserves an Oscar for this role and you owe it to yourself to see this film

OK, so I went into 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' with no expectations and it really impressed me! I guess I shouldn't be too surprised - it is Scorsese! He's definitely a master director, with the film paced perfectly and the three hour run-time actually flies by, with barely a minute wasted. I also liked how DiCaprio occasionally broke the fourth wall and spoke directly to the audience - works well here.

It's a true story, but I assume some creative liberties have been taken, as usual. It's basically a story of greed, ambition and ego, all played out on Wall St, New York in the late 80s and early 90s. There's some great supporting actors as DiCaprio's fellow stockbrokers/advisers, none more so than Hill, but it's great to see McConaughey, Reiner, Favreau and Suplee helping out.

While a film about stockbrokers doesn't sound too exciting, I can assure you this is - it has debauchery, drugs, alcohol, ridiculous chanting, sex - approximately a new pair of boobs to look at every 5min - life-or-death situations, a decent score, plenty of laughs (particularly the country club scene!) and a fitting conclusion.

Reviewed by Chad Sayban 7 / 10

Good and bad...all in excess

The Wolf of Wall Street is all about one thing... excess. Some of that is good, some of that is not.

Let's start with the good:

1. The over-the-top performances. Every actor in this movie pours it all out on the screen. Nobody holds back - especially Leo - and ultimately that is what makes the movie.

2. The story. Yes, it is based on real events. But movies about real events can turn out boring or crappy. Wolf of Wall Street does not.

3. The characters. The characters are riveting and entertaining, often in horrifying ways. But nobody is boring.

Now the bad:

1. The run time. Some movies make three hours motor by and feel "right". However, they are rare. Wolf of Wall Street could have been shorter. Should have been shorter. Some scenes and concepts get dragged out way too long and way too often. Even excitement can get tedious after awhile.

2. The #%&@!! Yes, it is a vulgar movie. I have no problem with vulgar movies. But it better serve the story. Wolf of Wall Street beats that into the ground until curses become commas. At that point, it is just a 13-year-old in love with the words. It doesn't help the story anymore.

Wolf of Wall Street really is all about excess and shock value. Normally, I would hammer any movie that has this as its core element. Yet, somehow this film mysteriously turns crudity into art. Their is absolutely nothing subtle about this film. And yet, somehow it is a story you can't take your eyes away from. It isn't crude just to be crude...most of the time anyway. Surprisingly, despite its many flaws, I was completely entertained. Just make sure the kids are away when you watch this one.

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