The Wild


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kiti22 1 / 10

Worst, Disney Movie, Ever!

The fact that it's a Disney film that I HATE is bad enough, because I've given so much praise to many forgotten Disney films, and the prospect of there being a Disney film that I consider to be my LEAST FAVOURITE FILM OF ALL TIME is pretty upsetting. Its a Terrible Combination of The Lion King, Finding Nemo&Madagascar

This is the GARBAGE PAIL KIDS of Disney films...

The Characters are Annoying, The Jokes Aren't Funny, The Dialogues are Terrible, Even the Ending Credits of that Movie was the Worst

And Worst of all This Film has Adult Humour How they got THAT into a U film.... I DO not know... The adult humor and innuendos? All that violence and scenes of fright? And that got a U?! I mean, Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Black Cauldron, CARS, TOY STORY?! Those are given a PG but THIS is given a U?!

Don't See This Movie Go Rant Fantasia Instead

Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 4 / 10

Good for Doug Walker

I was only interested in seeing this movie because it was the last film reviewed by Doug Walker one year for Disneycember. I think this is actually the lowest rated theatrically released animated Disney movie ever made. He recommended it, so I really did want to check it out and judge for myself. I saw it and I really do disagree with him. I admit there's one or two good jokes but most of this film is just pointless. I remember when the trailers for the film first came out and I knew it would be bad or at least quickly forgotten. It is more or less a ripoff of "Madagascar".

I was just thinking about how DreamWorks has been accused of ripping off Disney movies, but this one was actually released later. Then again, I did hear that production on this film actually started before the production of "Madagascar". I guess it doesn't matter because this movie is obviously worse. What really freaked me out was the animation. I mean, they were trying to make the animals look realistic instead of cartoony. Is there an uncanny valley for animals? The funniest bit is when the giraffe says that she deserves to be in kid's books starting with the letter G. Easily the best joke.

There just seemed to be nothing original about this movie at all. It was about this son trying to prove himself to his father and a bunch of side characters who were dumb or had interspecies romance. It was mostly just bland. I guess there's a few creative ideas like the cargo cult, but for me, it was just pointless. I think it probably is the worst theatrically released Disney animated film ever made. I can't even believe Disney made this! It looks a lot more like some cheap knockoff film made by some obscure studio. *1/2

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

one year after Madagascar

Samson the Wild (Kiefer Sutherland) claims to be the king of the jungle. He rules the New York Zoo. His son Ryan can't get the roar right and has a fight with him. The animals play when the zoo closes at night. Ryan goes off in a huff and accidentally gets locked in a trailer container. The containers are being sent to Africa to rescue animals being evacuated from a volcano. Samson sets off to retrieve Ryan with the help of squirrel Benny (Jim Belushi), koala Nigel (Eddie Izzard), giraffe Bridget (Janeane Garofalo), and anaconda Larry (Richard Kind). In Africa, they face off against wildebeest Kazar (William Shatner).

This came one year after Madagascar and sometimes being first is being the winner. That's the case in this one. I don't necessarily blame this movie. I certainly don't claim that this movie copied anything from Madagascar. In fact, I'm sure Disney had a minor meltdown when they saw the similarities. This is less wacky than Madagascar. This story may be a slight improvement. The voice work is less wacky comedy although there is plenty of jokes. The animation is 3D semi-realism which makes Samson look like a stuffed toy. No matter any possible improvements or deficits from Madagascar, the comparison is never far behind and the movie suffers from the perceived lack of originality.

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