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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by devleppard 10 / 10

Only reason I gave a 10 is because it's not as bad as everyone says

I get it, some people like fast paced films so if you didn't like it because it was "boring" that makes sense. If don't like movies that are bare bones and not much action, I wouldn't suggest this film.

Now to the other bad reviews, people claiming it's anti-American. The only thing anti-American here is allowing such low intelligence individuals as those who think that breed or even breath. Believe it or not, America has not always done the right thing. But this film doesn't even really discuss that. I guarantee you, unless you are a rabid uberpatriot with an IQ of 12 and an ASVAB score of 1 that lashes out at anything even making a slight hint that America isn't perfect, will see this as just a regual war film as patriotic or unpatriotic as any other.

As for the people calling it unrealistic, I mean maybe their aircraft choice was subpar but they did show proper tourniquet usage. Also I think this film may be a prime example of why COMSEC is so important (don't be a Chatty Cathy on an unsecure line). And also who says the sniper actually hit what he was aiming at? He could just be lying and trying to manipulate our protagonist.

Lastly to the dumbos saying the cursing was too much, you should learn about the old form of military motivation "ETADIK"

Reviewed by btmmorrison 7 / 10

A decent war movie, nothing new here though, with the usual unbelievable military stuff

Over all, this was a decent war flick if you're wasting some time or washing the dishes etc.

First, the one-star reviews calling this 'anti-American' or 'anti-military' are silly as hell. Of course the other side is going to say things against the American military. What would have pleased you? If he had just jabbered "Mohammed Jihad durka durka" the whole time? To be a realistic character he is going to say things that are against the American military... that's sort of the point of him being the enemy. Don't be so sensitive.

The movie itself is well-shot and fairly well-acted. John Cena seems to be more of a fill-in to bring in viewers than anything else. The main actor playing Isaac "Eyes" does a pretty good job. To those saying he ends up "acting like a bit**", well, I imagine most people eventually would soften up a little after bleeding out in the desert for hours.

Anyway, the pace of the movie can be a little slow (how can it not be at 90 minutes with a guy hiding behind a wall). The premise is a little silly once all is revealed at the end - the military has checks in place to not allow this to happen over and over.

Military vets/serving members will find it a little silly, the decisions and tactics make no sense, the equipment they choose to bring, etc. But if you can put this aside it is a decent enough flick.

6/10 for being well-shot and well-acted, but unbelievable in too many ways.

Reviewed by taswavo999 10 / 10

The best in many ways of this style of film - Oscar worthy

I've seen modern war and survival style movies but this is the best of both. The best survival film, by a long shot. And a decent war/anti-war movie at the same time. The set is not huge and so emphasis is on acting in the tight area. It hones in on the performances. Awesome. Better than Oscar performances I've liked in the past. Was this eligible for Oscars? It should get some - editing, direction, cinematography, sound, and a certain nomination to Taylor-Johnson. If it doesn't/didn't then those a fixed as this was the best action/thriller film I've seen for a long time and in some aspects, ever.

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