The Wall


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dr.Death 2 / 10

ANOTHER Wretched Film

I thought, maybe, just maybe, we were going to get to see a REAL acting opportunity from Johhhhhn Cena. Nope. Not happening. The Director used him as nothing more than a Prop. How sad. I think Cena has the ability to deliver some really good and moving Acting but is never given the opportunity.

This movie has more weak points than strong ones. Only one person is really doing the acting in most of the movie. That is the character Isaac, known also as "Eyes" who is the Spotter for John Cena's Sniper Character, Mathews. In reality, there are only 2 actors you see, Cena and Eyes. You hear another actor, supposedly an Iraqi Insurgent Sniper. Eyes starts off as a strong, funny and interesting character. He finishes as a whining little girl. So, I have to give the Acting in this movie a 5 and I feel that is being generous. The Bad acting is more than likely a result of bad writing in the screenplay. The writing was awful, it bounces around and at some points, you think it is starting to click and then there is a stupid line that destroys everything. The Directing? What Directing. Whoever did it, just simply "Phoned it in".

This movie was just all over the place but was building to a possible decent ending. Well, that was all crushed in the last 5 minutes of the movie. Perhaps it was the "Realism" factor that was so poor. Anyone that has spent time in the "SandBox" will find this movie to be poor. We didn't and wouldn't have acted like this, nor would we have had the stupidity to bring along KNOWN faulty equipment. I remember ordering my own Body Armor because I didn't feel the Military version was good enough. A Sniper in our Unit even had Barrett send him his own personal Rifle over. Not to mention, rescue Choppers are not old Nam Copters that have a paint job. I don't really want to give too much of this movie away, but when a unit comes to rescue you, they don't come in 2 Unarmed Choppers and a few guys. There are usually some ground forces, Attack Helicopters or Warthogs or F-16's or the rare F-22.

The idea that when a couple of men need Rescuing it's because they are in a "Hot Zone", that is, the enemy is present. You might even send in a Drone to check out the area first. But you don't go with unarmed Nam era Choppers. If I didn't know better, I would say this movie was made by Iraqi Insurgents. Iraqi Snipers usually used either a Russian made Sniper Rifle or a British Made version. There also was some Austrian made Steyr HS-50's that were shipped to Iran that made their way into the hands of some Iraqi Insurgents. That weapon, however, is a single shot and shoots either a .50 BMG or a .46 Round. They are also notoriously horrendous shots, except for the Iraqi Sniper called Juba. There is some talk that the Iraqi Sniper in this film is supposed to be Juba. I find that virtually impossible to believe. Although, there is some controversy as to whether Juba was just one person or even just a Myth. At any rate, Iraqi Snipers would not be shooting a Rifle that fires a 7.62 x 51mm NATO Round. Why? First off, the Guns are hard to get hold of and are very expensive as is the Ammunition. That is why Iraqi Snipers used a common Russian, Austrian by way of Iran or British weapon. The only time an Iraqi Insurgent MIGHT shoot a 7.62 Round would be in an AK-47 and then it is a 7.62 x 39mm round which is NOT a NATO round.

The fact that John Cena's character, Mathews, used an M24 SWS Sniper Rifle is a bit unbelievable as well. There are at least a Dozen Sniper Rifles at that time that are all around better Rifles to use.

I am losing sight of the "Big Picture" here about this movie. It is an annoying movie in most respects. Acting, Directing, Believability, Military Accuracy etc. Don't waste your time or effort going to see it at the theater. Wait until it ends up on Netflix or HBO and even then, it's not really worth your time.

Reviewed by westsideschl 7 / 10

Not Anti-American

First off, most of the one star negative reviews are from people who saw this film as anti-American (whatever that is) and pro-terrorist. I disagree, I think it tried to show throughout the long tête-à-tête between the American sniper and the Iraqi sniper that they both have viewpoints in which they tried to justify their positions. Something that has always been lacking in both national and international politics, as well as each individual's personal everyday views on any subject. Trying to see that another viewpoint has justification is, and has always been, difficult. People have always taken advantage of this propensity shown by such phrasing as "If you're not for us, then you're against us." Second, I do agree that some of the scenarios were a little too set up such as at that range a sniper shot to a zigzagging water bottle, antenna, and knee is a bit much. But, I suppose it was just to set up a scenario where the dialogue plays the pivotal role. Also, our wounded American should have immediately communicated to the heli rescue (and they should have known) that the sniper would target them (so fly low in the other direction). Third, anybody who has been in a fight if given the opportunity to talk to their opponent soon discovers that they have a pov too.

Reviewed by trublu215 7 / 10

A Bare Bones Thriller That Works More Than It Doesn't

The Wall is the latest thriller from director Doug Liman and features Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena as a two man recon team stationed in Iraq who are pinned down by sniper fire and must take refuge behind a wall. Their calls for help are heard by no one...except the enemy sniper. As the battle of wits rages on so does the courage of the two men and their will to survive. This proves to be very beneficial for this film because, honestly, it did not feel like it would be able to sustain a feature length film. However, with the sheer intensity of the film and the perfect performances from Johnson and Cena, The Wall works even when it doesn't.

First off, the film is a lean, mean 80 minutes. As soon as the film starts, it starts. There is no warming up to it, it drops you in the movie unapologetic. What comes next is a reckoning of pure adrenaline pumping cinema. Much like last year's The Shallows, The Wall benefits from its bare bones approach. There isn't big explosions or typical warfare, this is more a war of wits which has been done before (and better) but this film is successful in the way that it doesn't need huge action numbers to sustain suspense. Director Doug Liman knows what it is and he knows the strengths are in the performances. It makes for a very interesting addition in the new age war film genre, sitting nicely between The Hurt Locker and American Sniper.

Despite all that is well with the film, there are a few moments where you're expecting the film to go one way and then it absolutely does not take any risks and gives you exactly what you expected. For that, I have to say that it was disappointing to not see as much innovation with such a bare bones film. For me, I like when characters are forced to use their environments for their benefit. The Wall definitely did that but in sort of a half-assed way. There really isn't anything clever or cool about the way it all pans out. With that being said, it still makes for an intense movie even if sometimes it feels a little cheap.

Overall, The Wall is a short yet intense film that will keep you hanging on until the last frame. The performances from Aaron Taylor Johnson and John Cena are nothing short of amazing. This is especially for John Cena, who absolutely blew me away with his fantastic performance as Matthews. While Cena shines, so does Aaron Taylor Johnson who bucks up and carries the movie on his shoulders without even thinking about it. It stands as Johnson and Cena's best performances to date and it definitely is worth watching.

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