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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gmock-33123 9 / 10

Art house film that raises serious religious questions

Full disclosure ... This is my first IMDb review. I'm just trying to do my part to help promote this little known film. I attend the same church as the parents of the director, but I do not know them.

If you like all the recent superhero flicks, or you like Michael Bay films, then this movie is not for you. This movie causes you to feel sadness in a way that is painful, yet worthwhile. There are many moments of silence, broken only by the sounds of the sea. The key religious question is: Why do bad things happen to good people? This movie explores that question, yet does not beat you over the head with any answers. If this seems appealing to you, then please see this film, and send your friends to see it too.

Reviewed by planktonrules 7 / 10

A technical marvel for a freshman director.

When I checked up on the writer/director of "The Vessel", Julio Quintana, I was surprised as this was only the first full-length film he's directed or written. In light of this, the film is incredibly successful as you see very few freshman efforts like this one. The problem has nothing to do with his skills…the problem is that many viewers probably won't love this film since it's a very, very somber and depressing film. To enjoy it, you really have to look past this and appreciate the beautiful camera-work and care that went into this production.

This film was made in Puerto Rico and because of this, they decided to make two versions—one in Spanish and an alternate version in English. I watched the English version. However, you won't necessarily recognize it as Puerto Rico and the setting is supposed to be some unnamed island. Apparently, a decade earlier a tsunami came through the town—destroying much of it and destroying a school filled with children. While you'd expect the people to be sad, they simply have stopped living and only exist in the time since the senseless tragedy.

The story revolves around a young man, Leo (Lucas Quintana…and I wonder if he is related to Julio) as well as the local priest (Martin Sheen). Leo and his friend slip into the sea and both wash up on the beach….dead. Or, at least everyone thinks this. Somehow, despite appearing to be dead, Leo awakens several hours later and soon folks start to wonder if this is some sort of sign from God. As for the priest, he at first dismisses this but then realizes this possible miracle could be the spark that brings this moribund town back to life. After all, they haven't even rebuilt the school and folks are forbidden from having any fun. However, this miracle and the town's sudden enthusiasm for life appears to be short-lived. So what's next for this dreary, hellish town?

Technically speaking, this is a very good religious allegory. It looks very professional and somehow Julio Quintana was able to get a highly respected actor into this movie! However, like some indie pictures, it's not the most enjoyable picture. Heck, it's downright depressing and it's not a film to watch if you are feeling low yourself. However, if you want something different or if you are a film student wanting to see how a film should be made, by all means see "The Vessel".

Reviewed by cdcrb 8 / 10

losing faith

I was strangely moved by this test of faith tale for a small community of people coping with the death of 46 school children as a result of a tsunami. they are looking to the local priest (martin sheen) for guidance and hope, but he doesn't have the answers for them. all he has is his faith. leo (lucas Quintana), who lost his brother, is coping with his mother who lives in her own world. leo drowns in an accident, and comes back to life. I hate to so say he rises from the dead, but there is a lot of symbolism going on here. for whatever reason, leo builds a house, or is it an ark. the town's people see leo as a sign form God, a miracle and as a result begin to regain their faith. i'm not Spanish, but I am catholic, and being catholic is a universal thing, believe me. martin sheen is very good, of course and lucas quintana , new to me, is excellent and a natural in front of the camera. both women are spectacular. I am not especially religious and probably would steer clear of a film like this. never-the-less, it was very spiritual. and unexpected.

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