The Vault


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 4.8 10 7256


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James Franco as Ed Maas
Taryn Manning as Vee Dillon
Francesca Eastwood as Leah Dillon
Q'orianka Kilcher as Susan Cromwell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by guybaxendale 5 / 10

The bank heist horror that nobody asked for

I have no issue with genre mixing but blending a bank heist film with a horror seemed an odd choice to me from the outset. The cast did their best with some ropey dialogue, a plot that made very little sense, and little or no character development. Taryn Manning is reliable as always, James Franco has a strange pained/ constipated expression on his face for much of the film. It is not scary in anyway, shape or form. The 'twist' is not a big surprise. Not utterly awful but i would avoid unless you have an hr and a half you desperately need to fill

Reviewed by danialpham-24541 2 / 10

Waste of life, bone head entertainment.

Starts off gripping, the whole bank heist thing, getting to know the characters, and then the added superstition effect.

But once all that is over, the film starts to fizzle out and rather flat. Cheap thrills from things like the group being separated, encountering the law, and so forth. Then some Random spirits show up looking to devour souls, and then the whole emotional outbursting of the cast to follow while looking for a retirement plan.

This formula has been done too many times.

I was hoping for some good corny entertainment, but this film couldn't even deliver that. I was ready to blow my brains out by the end.

Save your eyeballs for something better folks.

Reviewed by julesfdelorme 8 / 10

Way better than it's supposed to be

The Vault

The Vault is one of those little movies that you don't expect that much from. The only name in the film that you'd recognize is James Franco (One of the many male actors that whose presence is not an asset for a film right now). It's clearly low budget Canadian made movie with limited production value. And in the end it's not a movie that anyone but me is going to be writing home about. But The Vault harkens back to those early John Carpenter films, particularly Assault on Precinct 13(The original. Not that awful Ethan Hawke remake.) in the way that it makes its low budget a virtue by turning out lights and showing us less, by allowing our imaginations to do the heavy lifting. That's how the scariest movies used to actually be scary, rather than just trying to gross us out. As much as you might think you saw in The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby or the first Alien film, what you actually saw was fragments that caused your mind to create a much scarier whole. The Vault does a lot with very little, and the whole is genuinely creepy, if not truly scary. So, in that sense, as one of those little films that tend to get overlooked, when so many big budget big market films disappoint, I think that it is a film worthy of your hour and a half or so. It's on Netflix, so you don't have to pay any extra for it. It won't cost you an extra dime to check the Vault out and, when there's so much out there that you will end up watching and wasting your time on, why not give this little movie a chance? The acting is solid, particularly when you consider these are almost all actors you've never heard of, and there's even a pretty direct nod to Carpenter in the Halloween-esque way that the main antagonist is shown, right down to the film's ending. There's even one good gross out shot for those of you who like that kind of thing. The writing is thin at points, but the pacing and shadows often make up for that. The premise isn't all that original, or even believable, but if you're willing to put that kind of thing aside long enough and to just accept that this wasn't supposed to be a very good film, you may actually be surprised at how good it actually turns out to be. Not great. But good enough that fans of those first Carpenter films my actually find that they like it a lot. I did. It's easy to jump on the bandwagon for those films that everybody else knows about and loves. But once in while, just once in a while, it's kind of nice to find one of those nothing little films that turn out to be better than they had any right to be. That's what guys like John Carpenter used to do so well. That's what directors like Ridley Scott have forgotten how to do. So if you scrolling through Netflix and nothing is jumping out at you, maybe give The Vault a chance. It's not quite as scary as James Franco's career has turned out to be. But, unlike the actor, the film's creepiness is genuinely harmless fun.

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