The Unicorn



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 352


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Lauren Lapkus as Malory
Lucy Hale as Jesse
John Kapelos as Louis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hunter_michaela 3 / 10

So, so hard to watch

I actually really Lauren Lapkus and the trailer was appealing... so yeah I was looking forward to this. It was truly insufferable! Just awkward and not funny. And lame. Just lame. Every character is unlikable and unsexy in their own unique way, I nearly gave up watching halfway through.

Reviewed by Greevas 3 / 10

As lame as it gets

I was exited for this movie for a long time, but when I finally watched it it turned out to be a great disappointment. Both actors and their characters are bland and one dimensional, you really don't care if they have their threesome or not. The storyline has no point, the characters just stumble from one scene to another and there are literally 14 scenes in the entire movie and 6 of them were in a stupid car(yes I counted).

The message that this movie wants to send to the audience is that its OK if a woman cheats on a man, he just got to suck it up and love her.

Reviewed by ops-52535 7 / 10

a bit corny

The unicorn really delves with an issue that many couples have considered ( as a triage when the wed is dedd in the bed) ,thought of, played with or simply not liked it at all. and i am also quite sure that many couples have had or will have or get the opportunity to have the discussion of or quarel about or even just get the chance to dive into a menage a troix or threesome or trike or triathlon or cross country or whatever. its volvo kosher avekmoi cissoir on the menu, you can choose between bbg or ggb, or ggg or bbb if your lgbtq. and then you can start deliberating, and i guess thats the worst part.

and this film gives 90% of the answers and prblematic issues connected to this bodyclustering phenomena. its not overly funny acted, but it gives a vivid insight to the term. the main actors are very truthful in the act, a less experienced actor wouldve shown all the signs of discomfort gig(-olo)ling away the dollars in repetetiv shoots of laughter, so well done.

the language spoken here are pretty rude english, the f-word are commonly used,and it sort of breaks the ice,else the writing are good,so are the plot and the cinematography. great use of deep and shallow focus,that carries the story a level higher than usual. its also very colorful in the costumes make up and props, and delivers till the end.

shall you try it out too, well then ask henry first,and thereafter do take the advice from the grumpy old man, still married even without a treesome, cause he recommends it

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