The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2


Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

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Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan
Anna Kendrick as Jessica Stanley
Peter Facinelli as Dr. Carlisle Cullen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aishwarya Sivakumar 2 / 10

Thank God for the last 20 minutes

It is actually impossible to rate a twilight film as "good" because it's an established fact that those films make zilch sense and do not provide any remote sense of satisfaction to the general moviegoers apart from the amazingly passionate legion of fans called "twihards". So when a person who is not a fan of the series says a twilight movie is good, it means that it is still terrible but not as terrible as the other ones.

The final instalment of this outrageously successful series, called Breaking Dawn part 2, tries the patience of the viewer for the first 30- 40 minutes. There is hardly anything that happens apart from the trademark Edward and Bella moments and a little bit of shirltess Jacob. There is also a poorly done CGI baby which is called Renesmee, Edward and Bella's daughter. Just when you contemplate walking out of the cinema hall, you get to see something that can be perceived as a successful attempt to placate the disappointed audience. There is a very well-executed battle sequence with a clever twist that makes you wonder why such scenes were so sporadic throughout the series. Yes, the battle sequence was effective damage control.

The performances were mediocre as opposed to the hitherto awful monotony that the cast put up in the past four movies except Pattinson,. who still continues to look jaded, but you can't really blame him.

On the whole, for an non-fan, this movie would visually punish you for a while and then give you a breather during its last 20 minutes. If you think the ticket cost is worth those 20 minutes, I suggest that you watch it. Bland film otherwise

Reviewed by devilsadvocatered6 1 / 10


It's over. I figured out the cause of my headaches, my blackouts. I know why those pictures keep appearing on my wall. They were all named Isabella, Kristen or Stephanie. I've been...what have I become? There's a woman lying at my feet, bleeding her last pint of blood through a vicious slash in her throat. My hands are sticky and wet in a substance I can all too readily identify. Yet, all I feel is hollow. Empty. Food has no taste. Hope has become meaningless. Joy is but a distant memory that brings no comfort.

As such, I did what any person would do when they realize that they're sick: I called for help. They're coming for me now. I can hear their sirens in the distance, wailing their morose call. Perhaps they will kill me. One can only hope. As I sit here at Bella's computer waiting for the Reaper to claim me, I feel it is only appropriate to finish what I have started: I will review the final movie of this franchise before I am laid to rest.

Words cannot express the sheer disappointment that accompanies this "film". Oh, I knew how it would end going in. I've watched and read reviews from sources I trust. There have been countless parodies. Even with no investment whatsoever, the ending to this wretched movie is a slap in the face. It broke something inside of me that I never knew was there until it pleaded for aid with its final bit of strength.

Literally nothing happens. The entire series was building up to this. This...unholy abomination sports a runtime of 115 minutes, most of which is spent building up some would-be tension for the central conflict. There will be a showdown between Martin Sheen with his band of LGBT vampires and the Cullens who amass a vampire version of the X-Men. It sounds a lot more interesting than it actually is.

So, this is it. This is what four previous movies built up to. What happens here will permanently alter these characters for better or for worse. Some of them may even die here. And for a few minutes, they do. All retarded Hell breaks loose in a poorly shot fight sequence. You all know what happens next. It was just a vision for for the sake of Martin Sheen. None of it actually happened. They decide to part ways amicably, which makes every choice, every action and every scene up to here entirely pointless.

And that's when I realized that it's all pointless, isn't it? Whether you live or die, whether you're good or bad, whether you watch a movie or don't. None of it matters. We are but specks of cosmic dust briefly granted sentience in a universe so vast that our entire planet could fall into the sun and nobody would notice or care. Nobody hears you cry out in pain in the abyss. They're at the gates now, reader. This is where I leave you. Do not repeat my mistake. Do not watch this movie.

PS - This is what can be loosely called satire. Don't call the cops.

Reviewed by Rachel McReynolds 1 / 10

Be Kind. Destroy.

NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. Oh look a NOPEmovie. If you ever come across this film in your travels, do the world a favor; take it from where you have found it, set it gently on the ground, take a machine gun and unload a round or two into it. After you've finished with that, scoop up the remains, then transport those remains to the nearest fire. When there is nothing but ashes left, sweep up those ashes and deposit them into a container of acid. Take that container of acid and travel to the deepest body of water you can find and release that acid into the middle of it. Then we can rest assured it can't hurt anyone else. You can help all of your fellow humans by deciding to take these simple steps to avoid the pain and suffering. Thank you.

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