The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2


Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

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Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan
Anna Kendrick as Jessica Stanley
Peter Facinelli as Dr. Carlisle Cullen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rachel McReynolds 1 / 10

Be Kind. Destroy.

NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. Oh look a NOPEmovie. If you ever come across this film in your travels, do the world a favor; take it from where you have found it, set it gently on the ground, take a machine gun and unload a round or two into it. After you've finished with that, scoop up the remains, then transport those remains to the nearest fire. When there is nothing but ashes left, sweep up those ashes and deposit them into a container of acid. Take that container of acid and travel to the deepest body of water you can find and release that acid into the middle of it. Then we can rest assured it can't hurt anyone else. You can help all of your fellow humans by deciding to take these simple steps to avoid the pain and suffering. Thank you.

Reviewed by joshkej-84077 6 / 10

Bad as a movie, not bad for a Twilight movie

Breaking Dawn Part 2 continues the Twilight Saga tradition of taking itself too seriously without a hint of self-awareness. It's bad. It's really bad, but like the other movies, that's what makes it hilarious, and the only reason I bother watching these terrible movies is for the LOLs.

Bella still looks like she's constantly on the verge of vomiting, although she is slightly more lively than she previously was, Edward is still boring, Jacob is still pathetic and the rest of the cast is as lifeless as the vampires they're playing.

The plot is, as usual, dumb and filled with gaping holes (they build a house for Bella, Edward and their child, but then the next day they plan on leaving Forks. WTF?)

The special effects are awful awful awful, especially that damn baby. The vampire running sequences are embarrassing (seriously why couldn't all the chase scenes be more like the one with Victoria in New Moon, That was awesome and it didn't need all these terrible effects and green screens)

After so much boring, the one thing that made all of the boredom worth it was the final fight sequence. It really was spectacular. The devastated gasps from the audience when Carlisle's decapitated head was revealed and the cheering when Jane was finally killed said it all. And the twist was even more amazing.

The ending sequence was actually rather touching, despite me not caring for any of the main characters.

Overall it's as bad as any of the other twilight movies, but it manages to be one of the better ones.

Reviewed by Peaceful224 2 / 10


I usually don't write negative reviews, but I had to give my opinion on this movie. I had originally only watched parts of it, but my mom forced me to watch a huge portion of the movie. It was awful, just awful! I've never been a huge Twilight fan to begin with. The only reason I have any interaction with it is because of my mom, who is a die hard fan. I haven't read the books, but I've seen most of the movies. I only like the first one, and mainly because of the amazing soundtrack.

There were so many things wrong with this movie. First of all, I cannot stand the disgusting CGI baby. Why would they do that? There is seriously no reason for it at all. And the fact that the baby from the very beginning is supposed to have an imprint with Jacob? Like maybe there is a possibility that she will grow up and fall in love with him and be with him? I find that weird and disturbing. I know that it's not supposed to be like that... But still... Also I hate how they try to make seem Bella all cool, strong, and tough now that she's a vampire. I find it really annoying. The acting isn't really that great and the jokes are nearly unbearable. And really, they can't tell Bella's dad that she is a vampire but they can tell him Jacob is a werewolf? Really? And Bella knew for many years as a human that they were vampires. All in all, I recommend people watch the honest trailer on YouTube for this movie, it is so hilarious! It will really show you how bad this movie is. I even read some other reviews on this movie saying that Stephen King said this story was bad. I'm not a fan of Stephen King, but I know he is an excellent writer, so that's really saying something about how terrible this movie is.

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