The True Cost


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Reviewed by Jack Ackerman 9 / 10

The True Cost Delivers

"The True Cost" is a professionally-done documentary by Andrew Morgan which covers many of the multiple problems caused by America's current clothing gluttony. Going to thirteen separate countries, the viewers visually get a small taste of some of the devastation caused by "Fast Fashion", whether it is drenching of farmlands with pesticides and the resultant birth defects in India to the following of a Bangladesh single mother and garment worker who knew people in the Rana Plaza building collapse which claimed more than 1100 people. Although the topics are,at times, heavy and thought provoking, the overall tone of the documentary is neither gloomy nor preachy. "The True Cost" is an ambitious project that opens your eyes to many of the ills caused by our current economic policies and our addiction to spending. It is a great springboard for further discussions and movie projects. -Jack A

Reviewed by justsayinme 10 / 10

An absolute must see for consumers

It's really an eye opener to the secrets behind the clothing industry. In fact the western corporates and consumers have blood on their hands by choosing to stay ignorant about the clothing and food industry. It's sickening how these "happy commercials of lush beauty and nice clothes" are use to fool the world and making it worse and worse for out planet and third world people....SEE THIS AND THINK AGAIN!

Never ever will you buy your clothes without thinking about where it's coming from and what role it played in the environment and the workers behind these clothes. I hope people will start opening their eyes with this documentary

Reviewed by Leftbanker 10 / 10

The True Cost of Looking Good: Modern Day Slavery

Prepare to be horrified and shamed at what is required for those of us in the West to wear what we wear. This eye-opening documentary shows every aspect of the fashion industry from the cotton crop to the landfills where all of our style ends up. We need more films like this to educate the public on the consequences of our rapacious consumerist lifestyle in the West.

After seeing the slave factories where much of our clothing is made the words "sweat shop" seem woefully inadequate to describe these horrible fixtures of modern capitalism.

What an absolutely appalling lack of empathy by those in this film defending the deplorable working conditions of many clothing industry workers. I just wish that we could make these creeps work for one month in one of these hell-holes. We literally fought in the streets in the last century to end that kind of exploitation of workers and the apologists in this film want us to simply accept this now as the inexorable march of globalism. The problem is that we will allow this same exploitation again in our own countries soon enough and we'll be right back in the middle ages again before you know it.

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