The Transformers: The Movie


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 53%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 34502


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Judd Nelson as Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime
Leonard Nimoy as Galvatron
Orson Welles as Unicron
Frank Welker as Megatron / Soundwave / Rumble / Frenzy / Laserbeak / Ravage / Wheelie / Auto-combatant / Junkion
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John Brooks 10 / 10

A testament to the pop culture greatness of the 80's/90's

In hindsight that's the most significant comment I could make about this movie. If you compare Transformers the Movie (1986) to the Transformers films they made from the mid 2000's and onward, you've got it all laid on a silver platter for you: the difference between the 80's/90's golden age period and the sort of bland disposable pop culture that is the bread and butter of today's world.

Transformers the Movie wasn't just a cult series cartoon turned into a full-length film. It had a number of things that made it totally distinct and memorable, which couldn't be said about the later iterations on the silver screen. It had a monumental soundtrack with Vince Dicola and his superb atmospheric 80's prog-metal composition, it had superb style visually with a very realistic plain thick color filter with incredible detail. It had some of the most bad-ass memorable scenes from any film of that era, a good 6 or 7 scenes are absolute hair-raisers. It had an engaging powerful plot at the center of it, with a great moral (the Matrix) and a powerful grave, epic tone to it that made what was a mere cartoon into a realistic experience. Add a little bit of cheesy but likable humor to give characters depth... also it introduced some very creative characters like the Sharkticons and Quintessons or the Junkions, not to mention Unicron that helped forge a most unique, distinct universe for the film.

Transformers the Movie was an experience that nobody will ever get to enjoy again. It had all the wonder and spirit and inventiveness and pop-culture genius of the 80's where everything that comes out today is political formulaic and disposable imagery.

Reviewed by dprkforum 9 / 10

Many Feels, Many Memories

I was, and still am, a Transformers fan. With that out of the way, the bias is going to show.

I was so excited and stoked for this movie when the teasers started to appear in the newspapers and TV. A full-length motion picture of my favorite toys. I was very attached to the characters from the comic books and TV show. Little did I know how the movie was going to turn for said characters. It was unexpected and extremely emotional for me. I heard others in the theater openly crying in certain parts.

Yes, this was probably made to promote the new line of toys that were being released, and needed new story lines for them. The movie... well, it was epic. The battle between good and evil. The struggles of loss. Meeting new friends. Facing new enemies. It opened new vistas, and even some glimmer of hope. The story was well-written, and will cure the itch for any G1 fan.

The animation is a tad dated, but this was made over 30 years ago, so considering the age, it is not that bad. I watched it again after twenty odd years later, and it still hit the feels.

My childhood revisited. Although not the best of times, but things like this made them a little happier.

Reviewed by Cameronius Explodius McMonius 7 / 10

All it needed to be

I need to get the fact out of the way that I grew up with Transformers and this film too so revisiting this was quite an exciting ride. This review is coming from a fan of the franchise by the way and why I believe this movie is significant to all of the Transformers fans (including myself). This movie was rather controversial to the fans of the show when it released. The sole reason for this movie being made was to kill off much of the main cast and progress in development with some of the original characters so that the show would be prepared for the third season. This results in lots of the main characters being wiped out within the first 20 minutes; including Optimus Prime himself. However, what the company didn't realise was that people had become attached to these characetrs and therefore the film received negative reviews for how it disposed of many characters they had been previously building up in the show. I believe that this is a movie that gets better with age. As I said before, people were critical of the film at the time of release due to what it did with the main characters, Optimus Prime especially. His death was so controversial that in the UK DVD release it included a narration at the end stating that 'Optimus Prime will return'. Thankfully on the new blu ray release it is the original without anything added as people now know that these characters lived on to this day and weren't just forgotten about; Optimus Prime plays as big a role as he did back then, possibly even bigger at the moment. Now into the film itself. I've got to say that I thought the voice performances were great, it may be because these are the ones I've came to know but every single one was unique, the ones that stood out to me were Peter Cullen as Optimus (I loved him as usual, despite his role being very small), Leonard Nimoy (Spock himself) as Galvatron (the reincarnation of Megatron) and also none other than Orson Welles in his final film role as the villain Unicron. I really liked the animation which was always bright and appealing and very impressive for the time, with them needing to animate battles, transformations and whatnot. The character designs were also very creative and much more appealing of those nowadays. The thing I believe makes this film unique is that it's just an animation from the 80s. It really has an 80s feel; not very serious (even though it does have dark moments), LOTS of 80s music, cheesy sound effects and just plain fun. It's exactly what you'd expect from an 80s animation film, I guess the critics at the time were probably expecting more. I respect this film for what it is as it was just trying to be a fun animation film and not the greatest thing in the world. This film was also different to the series and had a different, darker feel to it. Obviously it shows that many characters are in fact vulnerable and shows some of the Autobots as a group of survivors basically rather than an army which shows them in a state of more peril and that the army has met a foe more powerful than them. It also shows a threat to both the Autobots and Decepticons which makes for a different type of villain. Overall, I'd say this is a love it or hate it film; if you're a Transformers fan, you'll likely love this. However, if you share many of the same opinions as the critics then you'll probably hate it and I can easily see why someone would hate this film to be honest. However, I can at least say that you should watch this instead of The Last Knight or any of the Michael Bay Transformers films any day. 7.5/10 Fun fact: this movie takes place in 2005. Wish we'd seen some REAL Transformers by then. No, the Michael Bay ones don't exist.

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