The Transfiguration


Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
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Larry Fessenden as Drunk Man
James Lorinz as Detective
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by re-animatresse 9 / 10

an impressive directorial debut from Michael O'Shea

although this is categorised as horror on IMDb and Netflix, i would argue that this film debut by writer/director Michael O'Shea is really more of a psychological thriller. it's a very slow-paced, but highly compelling, philosophical character study

Eric Ruffin gives a great performance as the leading character, who appears to be autistic: he has a special interest in vampires, aversion to eye contact, reduced affect display, selective mutism and a seemingly limited understanding of social norms, though there's clearly something else at play, driving the strange compulsions which are one of the primary focuses and key mysteries of the film

Larry Fessenden, actor and director of Habit (one of my favourite vampire movies), makes a cameo appearance. the script and dialogue are well-written and inspire analysis and meditation. i enjoyed this quite a bit and look forward to seeing what else O'Shea comes up with in or has in store for the future

Reviewed by P blarg 6 / 10

Horror, yes. Vampires, no.

OK yeah, this isn't a vampire movie. I just wanna clarify that one can, and should, ignore the title graphics showing the main character casting a Nosferatu shadow.

With that out of the way, this isn't a bad film by any means. There's pathos, and some humor here and there. It calls strongly upon the reality-sucks school, which isn't among the styles of filmmaking that I enjoy a lot, but if you're into that then do see this. The actors have done a great job, and I think this movie is every bit as deserving as certain other "cult" classics, if not more so. I gave this one -1 for the reason that I probably wouldn't watch it again, however I'd recommend it to anybody who likes a slightly more intellectual film experience. I watched it around the same time I was re-visiting the series Dracula from 1991, and I mean... sun and moon, night and day. If your brain needs a rest real bad, check out the Final Destination franchise, for example, and skip Transfiguration.

Reviewed by JvH48 5 / 10

This movie leaves the viewers as confused and lost as both main protagonists are with respect to the world around them. Keeps your interest nevertheless and is not boring

Seen at he IMAGINE film festival 2017 in Amsterdam. The story flows all the time and keeps your interest, but overall the dramatic developments are minimal, and the atmosphere embedding the two main topics, violence and social commentary, does not provide for anything new that we haven't seen already in many other movies.

The only novel element is that Milo is a vampire, this time not someone who has to avoid daylight, and he also does not sleep in a coffin. Milo lives a more or less normal life with his older brother, who has apparently nothing more to do than watching TV all day long. Milo marks days on a calendar that he has to go "hunting". We saw a handwritten book with rules of engagement, e.g. that the victim must come instead of chasing him, but that was only a small fragment of a heavy stack of paper. We also see him several times bite randomly chosen victims, after which he is always somewhat nauseas, seemingly inherent in the process. How he became a vampire, is left in the dark (no pun intended), and what we see of his brother does suggest that is not something that runs in the family.

We see less of Sophie, not even her house from the inside, when she e.g. lets Milo wait for her door when she has to pick up something, very different from her having access to Milo's house and even stays in his room for a few days. Not clear what it all means, if anything. Both walk outside the house like a couple, e.g. holding hands, but there is no sex involved as far as we see, despite of sleeping in the same bed and kissing each other frequently.

All in all, if it really was the intention of the film makers to leave us confused, just as confused as both main protagonists are with respect to the world around them, this movie is a success however without a silver lining. It does not make us any wiser through the added elements of social commentary nor does it about violence or NYC's atmosphere, being important topics as suggested by the movie's website but I missed all of it.

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