The Town That Dreaded Sundown


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Wes Chatham as Danny
Denis O'Hare as Charles B. Pierce, Jr.
Danielle Harris as Townsperson #2
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darksyde-63508 1 / 10

Boring, boring boring. Did I mention boring?

A "loose" (and very loose at that) remake of the 1970s movie of the same name, this is based on a series of murders that happened back in the 1940s in a small Texan town that left five dead. Sound good and exciting? It should be. But in this remake, its not. A lot of time is spent watching people talk and not really do much. I don't know why so many people gave this such high reviews. I guess they like their horror boring.

Reviewed by Nigel P 4 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

65 years ago, a masked man attacked residents of small town Texarkana. Now it appears the miscreant is back. Speaking with a modulated voice in slow deliberate tones, the 'moonlight murderer' begins his killing spree all over again.

The production values are decent, the acting is convincing. So why do I find this tortuously dull? How can something with a fair amount of screaming teens and restrainedly gruesome killings not arrest my attention? Could it be that Jami (Addison Timlin) speaks in a monotone and insipid manner no matter what the emotion? To be fair to her, her contempories are often much the same. Far from the strutting posturers that frequent such films usually (which is a mercy), they are on the other end of the spectrum. Humbly mumbling their lines to one another, it is difficult to work out one character from another. Inoffensive –sweet even - to the point of inertia, these characters are barely even cyphers for the marauding killer, who is also without much in the way of presence.

It may be that I am simply not in the mood for this, but there seems to be no life in any facet of the proceedings. Even the occasional sex scene fails to break free of this miasma. Why is the murderer doing these things? Just *because*, really. I feel bad about my nonchalance – after all, a great deal of work has presumably gone into creating this: the bleakness of the locale is nicely conveyed by Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, and Ludwig Goransson's musical score is nicely haunting; there's a good set piece where a couple wake up to find their scarecrow perched on the wooden stand has been replaced by the bloody corpse of a young girl … and then within moments the lacklustre performance of those trying to solve the mystery drags things back down again. Sadly unengaging throughout.

Reviewed by sim-pl 2 / 10

Not worth your time.

This film is not a remake, but sequel. The action takes place in modern times and there is another wave of killings in Texarkana. However plenty of scenes and characters are simply copied from the movie of 1976. In general - the film was boring, predictable, characters were artificial (especially terrible "Lone Wolf" - why the same nickname?). Not worth your time.

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