The Three Faces of Eve


Action / Drama / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 6398


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Joanne Woodward as Eve White / Eve Black / Jane
Lee J. Cobb as Doctor Curtis Luther
Nancy Kulp as Mrs. Black
David Wayne as Ralph White
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evanston_dad 7 / 10

Would the Real Eve Please Step Forward?

Movie about multiple personality disorder that is worth seeing for Joanne Woodward's Oscar-winning performance.

Like many movies from this time period about subjects that the medical and scientific worlds were only still learning about, "The Three Faces of Eve" should probably not be used as a factual portrayal of what multiple personality disorder is like, despite the film being based on the case of a real woman. Its heart is in the right place, but who knows how accurate it is? Instead, it's highly enjoyable as a showcase for a dramatic actress who gives a performance that feels much more contemporary than many performances delivered in films from around the same time period. Writer turned director Nunnally Johnson directs in black and white Cinemascope, and Lee J. Cobb delivers the rare performance, this one as a doctor, that doesn't consist of him shouting at the top of his lungs for two hours.

Was I the only one left a little baffled by the trigger behind this woman's disorder, once it was finally revealed? Since this is based on a true case, I'm assuming it's factual, but it seems like a pretty small incident to have resulted in so pronounced a disorder.

Grade: A-

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 5 / 10

Thanks to the Academy, an undeserved success!

SYNOPSIS: The allegedly true story of a woman with a split personality.

NOTES: Prestigious Hollywood award, Best Actress, Joanne Woodward, defeating Deborah Kerr in "Heaven Knows, Mr Allison", Anna Magnani in "Wild Is the Wind", "Elizabeth Taylor" in Raintree County, and Lana Turner in "Peyton Place". Golden Globes Award, Best Actress, Joanne Woodward. BAFTA Award, Best Foreign Actress, Joanne Woodward. National Board of Review Award, Best Actress, Joanne Woodward.

COMMENT: Although preceded by "Lizzie" (1957) and "The Search for Bridey Murphy" (released at bottom-of-the-barrel first release circuit houses), "The Three Faces of Eve" proved remarkably popular on first release. In Australia, for example it came in as the eleventh highest grossing picture of the year! Remarkable because "Lizzie" barely recovered its advertising budget, and "Bridey" did absolutely no business at all! Also remarkable because, although it took good coin, "Three Faces of Eve" failed to chalk up any box- office records at all, either domestically (it didn't even make the top hundred) or in the United Kingdom.

Alas, aside from Joanne Woodward's award-winning performance, the film is actually of little interest. Johnson's direction (as usual) is stolidly dull, Cobb's performance is (as usual) heavy as lead, and David Wayne incongruously plays his role mainly for laughs.

Production values are remarkably poor. In fact, "5" is a generous mark for this most disappointing movie, but I like to consider the mark I would give it, if it had NOT won any awards!

Reviewed by John Brooks 8 / 10

Good structure, good pace, and Joanne Woodward

Looking at the title and poster of this film, the period it was made in, this easily could've been yet another okay straightforward production from the 50's. Films at the time were usually pretty 'thick' and unsubtle with how it managed the psychological element. Too obvious.

This here has nothing that is obvious. As the disclaimer states, it's all based on a totally true story and lots of the script is word for word as it happened so 'the film wrote itself', but really there's very good structure and pace to it.

In a sense, this isn't even really a "psychological film" in that it focuses on the story rather than the mental complex itself as a film like Freud (Montgomery Clift) would be more of. As obvious as the narrative is ultimately, this film does very well not to uncover everything too quickly, and paces itself just right, not a single dull, obvious or redundant moment. Very well made, and just the right length.

And Joanne Woodward easily could've been just another pretty broad putting in a good but predictable shift at the office... but goodness, she is absolutely brilliant, surprisingly good, in this one. By any measure, it was a particularly difficult job to do, and she far exceeds doing it merely right. And what a beautiful woman too ! So much character and warmth and feminine wit...

Lee J.Cobb does an excellent job here too and shows in contrast with his performances for example in 'On the Waterfront' or in '12 Angry Men' that he can do the big ole scary villain/tough guy as well as here, the sophisticated psychologist.

Ultimately, this film surely could've been better and been a 9 or a 10 but does really well all in all, and one of the main criticisms would be that the ending is too rushed as it is the ultimate climax and answer to the entire film's happenings, if only it could've been explained a bit more or given more depth...


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