The Thomas Crown Affair


Action / Crime / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
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Pierce Brosnan as Thomas Crown
Rene Russo as Catherine Banning
Faye Dunaway as The Psychiatrist
Mark Margolis as Heinrich Knutzhorn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Old Crow-2 8 / 10

A classy piece of work

Forget all the explosions, car chases, crazy villains, special effects... The Thomas Crown Affair is not an action movie. It´s not even a thriller. Instead, it´s a well-done cat-and-mouse movie that´s smart, entertaining and very sexy. If you had to use one word to describe the film it would have to be sophisticated. The movie might appeal more to mature audiences as both the leading man and the leading lady are over 40 years old. Pierce Brosnan can obviously do other roles beside James Bond, but the role of Thomas Crown is at least somewhat similar to 007. Both guys "enjoy women" and are very suave. Overall, Brosnan gives a solid performance and is overshadowed only by Rene Russo who simply oozes sexuality and class. She is simply perfect in her role and though she´s twice as old as I am I find her a real knockout. Not only is she extremely hot, but also a very talented and charismatic actress. A perfect combination! The classy dance scene between Brosnan and Russo belongs to the most sexually-charged scenes in history and the following love-making scene manages to be both sexy and stylish. Usually nude scenes in Hollywood movies seem somehow "uneasy", but in this movie the scene is done in real style and with sensual music the atmosphere is sizzling. Who would want a disposable bimbo like Britney Spears when you could have a real class-act woman like Rene Russo? I would also like to mention Bill Conti whose simple yet refined music is simply outstanding. Just listen to the music during the scene in which Crown and Banning go glider flying... You can just close your eyes and listen to this wonderful music. Now I have to find the soundtrack for this film! I guess I should mention that I´ve never seen the original Thomas Crown, but now I don´t even have to bother as its updated version is a true pleasure to watch. I have nothing negative to say about it so just go get this film on DVD and enjoy!

Reviewed by Max A. Lebow 8 / 10

The Thomas/Catherine Love Feast

The Thomas Crown Affair is an exception to the Hollywood rule that the remake must be true to the original. In 1968, Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway served up a 1960s sexy confection of skimpy clothes and clever heists. John McTiernan turns the flick into a sultry, almost jaded, romance. Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan, slick from practicing seduction as James Bond) is a power-lunching, billionaire robber-baron who gets his kicks stealing art treasures from taxpayer-supported museums. Catherine Olds Banning (played by the tough, but sexy Rene Russo) is the insurance company detective determined to get back the painting he steals at the beginning of the film. If she can get it, she will save her insurance conglomerate a nice chunk of change. The billionaire and the detective try everything to outsmart each other including a highly charged love affair that's a heated mix of business and pleasure. Russo looks very good with her clothes off.

The director's attention to the detail of the sumptuous, luxury sets, provides a suitably comfy backdrop for the steamy action. McTiernan also directs the action pieces almost as well as one might expect from the director Die Hard.

Brosnan and Russo supply most of the heat for the developing romance. The witty dialog by Leslie Dixon make the film move by with enough grace to paper over the fact that it is the sex we are interested in. Russo is beautiful, stylish, smart, self-possessed, and incredibly sexy.

Denis Leary gets a good character role as a police detective smitten with Russo, and Faye Dunaway (the love interest in 1968) gets a wholly enjoyable cameo as Brosnan's therapist, who helps him try to figure out why he is such an irresponsible business man.

One wonders now, after Enron, Tyco, and other big payoff corporate heists, just whom Crown is robbing to pay for his high-tech robbery crew. How many of his company's employees will have to give up their pensions or health benefits to keep his company looking good on Wall Street. Who cares? It's just a movie! Actually, it is a great date movie. Pop it in. See if it works.

Reviewed by koconnor-1 9 / 10

"Thomas" is the "Crown" Jewel for your collection... SEE IT!

This DVD was an impulse buy, pure and simple. My wife and I like Pierce Brosnan, and I have enjoyed Renee Russo's other works, so what did I have to lose? Only my mind! This film was positively one of the most enjoyable, nail-biting, suspenseful romantic capers ever made.

A remake of the steamy 1968 Steve McQueen flick updated to the sleek and self-referential 90s, "Thomas Crown" features Brosnan as the title character - a bored billionaire businessman in the business of "acquisitions". For a thrill, he heists an extremely valuable Monet from the New York Museum right under the noses of security guards, cops, and about a thousand unsuspecting museum-goers. Renee Russo is the very sexy, very worldly Catherine Banning, whose insurance company underwrites the painting - and she is determined to get it back at any cost... But the cost just may be her soul as she woos, and then falls under the spell of the enigmatic Crown. Will Russo discover the location of the Monet? Will she rat out Thomas Crown? Or is Crown manipulating her affections like Bobby Fisher manipulates the pieces on a chess board?

What we have here is a high-speed chase film whose vehicle is clever dialog, rich and exotic direction, and more than a little sexual tension! Brosnan, as Crown, is ever the cool Brit charmer whose every word and action are as calculated as the movements of a Rolex. Russo smoulders every time she appears on screen. And when the two of them get together, the chemical reaction is pure dynamite.

Dennis Leary has a nice bit as a streetwise NYPD detective on the case, who dispenses advice to Russo's Banning, and watches her begin to spiral out of control. His role here most likely resulted in the deserved attempt at a television series on ABC ("The Job").

The action in the film moves exotically from caper to cover-up and back with dizzying speed... All the while, we are kept guessing about the motivations of the two lead, and find ourselves eagerly anticipating their next move. When the final checkmate comes, we are left totally bewildered, befuddled, and baffled... which is most-likely the director's intention!

On all levels, "The Thomas Crown Affair" will steal the hearts of men and women alike... but for different reasons - Men can enjoy the action and thrill of the chase, and Crown's ability to win over the most beautiful women and his attempt to get away with the ultimate heist... Ladies can marvel at the suave Brosnan and his life of extreme wealth, and all-the-while wonder if he will betray her, or if she will betray him...

I will not betray you... I ain't saying!

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