The Thirteenth Floor


Action / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 7 10 58577


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Vincent D'Onofrio as Jason Whitney / Jerry Ashton
Shiri Appleby as Bridget Manilla
Alison Lohman as Honey Bear Girl
Gretchen Mol as Jane Fuller / Natasha Molinaro
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by twhughes-00286 9 / 10

Just saw it again, almost 20 yrs later.

Even though I know the ending, it is still superb. Acting, script, idea... As the talk of VR and AI continues to evolve, one really has to wonder as to the premise and possibility of this movie. Also, really has nothing to do with the Matrix. Maybe it is just me, but sometimes I still look for that long road... If I even find it, I'll let you know...

Reviewed by rzajac 9 / 10

Tho a tad stagey-crafty and occasionally too clever, got quite under my skin

A lot to love about this flick. It's classic hi-concept sci-fi, beautifully produced, mostly amazingly acted (the rest merely good), and ends the way the genre must to keep its cred; like a stunning chess end-game. Happy to see Craig Bierko here and glad to see that he takes direction very, very well. What the flick may occasionally lack in terms of the execution is made up for in spades by a subtly articulated myth. The primary idea is that the AI technology depicted arrives at the discovery that something indistinguishable from sentience "naturally" arises from its techniques. The flick then goes one further and depicts that certain specimens of the generated sentience come to exhibit a moral compass. This is no less than P.K. Dick-ian in scope and ambition. Kudos! Finally, I found myself tearing up at key, tender moments in the storyline. I was shocked! Few movies of any kind do this, and the ability of The Thirteenth Floor to tug at my heartstrings so bittersweetly was a rare treat and a stunning development. The only reason I slight my rating to one star shy of a '10' is that there's still something strangely hollow about the production... and I'm not sure what it is. It may have something to do with my dismay at finding that D'Onofrio occasionally seems a bit weak. I love the guy and always look forward to seeing him flesh out yet-another character... and yet here he seemed to be dropping balls from time to time. If you dig sci-fi and haven't seen TTF yet, hie ye to the aethers and take this one in.

Reviewed by Mohamed Abdalla 5 / 10

The matrix & Inception got mixed in a wild Blender.

Most of the people who didn't like that movie forgot the opening phrase which is "I think, therefore I am", which actually explains a lot of the movie concept and the non realistic events, for example why would a woman love a man who is basically a data on the computer ! The only explanation that it's because he is thinking and he has his own feelings.

The main idea behind the movie tries to suspects our existence and put a hypothesis of "What if this world is not real and you live in a world made by a computer?". It resembles the idea behind "The matrix" but in a different aspect. The idea of a world inside a world resembles the idea of a dream inside a dream of "Nolan's Inception".

The movie starts with scenes of 1937 life and they did a good job showing how the life was at that time. Then events follow and we see the murder of "Hannon Fuller" till it's revealed at the end who is the killer, which is a good thing that everything is explained.

I liked the director's vision of keeping all the scenes in the computer world dark and dim, while after being in real life it became bright again. But i didn't like the green laser effects which look very cheap.

The choosing of "Craig Bierko" to play the main role was not really successful with his blunt face, surprised eyes all the time and cold acting.

Finally, it's a good ambitious movie that want to deliver an idea with little spices of Sci-Fi but not to "The matrix" level. It's not that much a thriller movie which will keep your eyes freezed on the screen as it may get you bored at some points.

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