The Theory of Everything


Action / Biography / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
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Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking
Charlie Cox as Jonathan Hellyer Jones
Felicity Jones as Jane Hawking
David Thewlis as Dennis Sciama
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hannah 8 / 10

Thought Provoking & Moving

The Theory of Everything... There Is One Thing To Say I That Is That Stephen Hawking Is Just Simply Genius Played By A Genius Actor Eddie Redmanye. The Story It's Self Is Very Moving And Thought Provovking. Many Would Expect This Film To Be Broadly Based On Hawking's Scientific Theorys. It Wasnt Broadly Based On Science But Is Still A Very Good Film Which Fails To Disapoint Due To The Moving Performances From The Leading Cast, Eddie Redmanye And Felicity Jones. Whilist The Film May Not Be What You Expect, You Still Will Not Be Dissapointed.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

The Theory of Almost Everything

Saw 'The Theory of Everything' as someone who like biographical dramas (even if a lot play liberties with the truth), especially the inspiring ones that have a lot of emotional impact (and there are plenty of those out there), and who was interested in both the subject matter and Stephen Hawking himself. The trailer was also appetising and then there was the awards attention.

After finally seeing it, after it being on my long "to see" list that got bigger and bigger, as my music and course commitments grew, for a while, found 'The Theory of Everything' a good film with several superb elements that could have better considering the subject. While critically praised, audience reaction leans towards the more positive but more divisive for reasons that are understandable, being someone who agrees with a few of the criticisms if not all.

There is the agreement that 'The Theory of Everything', being based on his first wife's memoir meaning there is a lot of his personal life, could have focused more on what made Hawking so brilliant as a scientist/cosmologist, how he contributed to the subject with his theories, his importance to it and how he was perceived, there wasn't enough of that.

Another criticism that is shared by me is the rushed and jumpy nature of the narrative as a result of trying to cram a lot and there is the sense that in doing that that it tried to do too much.

However, 'The Theory of Everything' is photographed and designed beautifully, while it's sensitively directed, by someone who clearly had a passion and sympathy for what was focused on, and hauntingly scored.

It is a thoughtfully written film and explores his heavily-focused on personal life with delicacy, little one-sidedness and a lot of charm and emotional power (motor neurone disease is a horrific condition to suffer from and that was handled heart-wrenchingly). Also found myself inspired and learning a good deal.

Eddie Redmayne gave one of that year's best performances, a truly poignant and powerful performance and a career best thus far. His make-up is remarkable. Felicity Jones is the emotional back-bone of the story in a way and it is just as much about her as it is with him, and her acting is subtle and warm while showing Jane as having as as many flaws as she did strengths. The chemistry between them has a lot of heart.

Charlie Cox, David Thewlis and Maxine Peake are strong support but it's the two leads' show all the way.

All in all, good film that could have been a great one. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by ronnietg 8 / 10

A love story that transcends the traditional genre

Although it's not a true genre, Memoir/True Story is a methodology for writing a biography. Mixed with Drama, which shows the intimacy of characters in a web and a strong moral dilemma that "blows" in the Climax Sequence, the Memoir/True Story is like a detective story. Uncovering clues to a person's psyche is the detective aspect of this genre. And when one uncovers enough clues and is able to arrive at "the truth," what oftentimes happens is that "the truth" can be problematic.

In the case of The Theory of Everything, the wife of Stephen Hawking made the conscious, if not romantic decision to "stand by her man." A religious woman by nature, this entered into her decision as well. After 25 years of devotion, with literally life-threatening decisions she had to make while a parent of three of their children, they end in divorce.

The flip or transcendence of the usual beats of a deteriorating marriage are as follows: Stephen is not a disabled man in his heart or brain. His wife helped him to rise above that depression, which would have killed him had she not been by his side. His wife is not just a "caregiver" bleeding heart, but rather, a deeply spiritual woman who rose above what most young women look for in a marriage partner. This giving nature caused her to grow with an enormous character arc. She walked away from a long adulterous relationship when Stephen's life hung in the balance and she knew where her duties lay. Stephen knew where her heart really was though after many years of marriage. He was saddened by it, but he had an enormous respect for his wife's courage and strong moral values. The third transcendence occurred when Stephen finds himself falling in love with his new caregiver. He is a man falling in love - not a disabled, helpless victim. This is new to him and it empowers him. The caregiver replaces his wife in emotional importance. It's an evolution that is both poignant and painful at the same time. Both characters grow in wisdom and respect for one another. The concept of "time" is woven into this script as a type of symbol. Whether time goes forward or backward is not of the essence. Time is a chronological measure of growth and happiness. The real measure is ephemeral and everlasting. The two characters go through a moral epiphany that is called a Double Reversal at the end of the story. Stephen pushed away the possibility to survive in the beginning. In the end, he believes that his horizons are endless. Jane was committed to a moral and ethical way of behavior with a man at any cost in the beginning. In the end, she allows herself to follow her heart.

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