The Theatre Bizarre


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
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Kaniehtiio Horn as The Writer
Udo Kier as Peg Poett
Tom Savini as Dr. Maurey
Whitney Moore as Restaurant Patron
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spencergrande6 5 / 10

Overall, mostly meh

Overall, mostly meh.

The Mother of Toads (Stanley's contribution) is apparently a Lovecraft riff, but I was getting Argento vibes from the witch mother, the medieval European setting, and the music. It's just alright with some icky special effects and a bare bones story.

I Love You is about an obsessive guy who can't stop loving his cheating hateful wife. Also just alright, though the two leads are solid.

Wet Dreams, the Savini segment, is about a cheating man this time who gets his comeuppance from a wife who has been scorned one too many times. It's nasty though also lacking a certain danger or sense of pure chaos. It's kinda funny, kinda gross, kinda alright.

The Accident is completely out of place tonally and even so it's not very good. Airy pretensions and a somber mood don't mean much here.

Vision Stains has an interesting premise and some good moments but isn't exactly great.

Sweets is a nasty, gross, icky flip off of a segment. It's nothing but a punchline but it kinda works.

Reviewed by Nancy666 5 / 10

Bit weird, but expected

Aptly named anthology The Theatre Bizarre delivers a mixed bag of horrifying goodies.

A young woman is walks into a seemingly abandoned Theater, where she's soon welcomed by a marionette version of cult legend Udo Kier and numerous other grisly dummies who present a number of nightmarish stories.

"The Accident was the most visually appealing. "I Love You" was the best for me, and "Wet Dreams" kept me watching. "Vision Stains" was one of the most interesting. "Mother of Toads" was my least favorite and "Sweets" the most outlandish of the bunch.

Overall I do like an anthology and The Theatre Bizarre isn't the worst, but it certainly isn't the best. With its title it was as good as to be expected. Worth a watch on a boring night in.

Reviewed by nancy 5 / 10

Apt Title For a Bizarre Movie!

What an apt title for this rather interesting (not always for the right reasons) anthology horror movie. There are no spoilers in this review, just short sentences on what I think of each short.

The Theatre Bizarre begins with a woman who takes a peek into a theatre she stumbles upon. Inside she is greeted by a man who introduces her to a show of short movies:

"Wet Dreams", was pretty good. One of my favourite's of the movie. And who doesn't like wet dreams?

"I love you" was a bloody addition with a decent plot twist.

"The Mother of Toads", was my least favourite. I mean toads? Frog off!

"The Accident" was effective in what it was trying to say, but I got bored of watching it's short screen time.

"Vision Stains" was the most original of the series and another worth watching.

And lastly "Sweets" is as about as bizarre as things could get.

There's a lot of awful, awful acting, but some of the stories are decent and worth giving a go.

The Theatre Bizarre is a random and gory anthology which will please a few. I'd say check it out because it is SO bizarre.

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