The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Action / Horror

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Jessica Biel as Erin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lorcan-61881 10 / 10

I am sorry but this is amazing!

Over the years, classics have been turned into remakes and never have they work, The Texas Chainsaw Masscare, even though it was a classic, was no doubt going to get one and in 2003, 31 years after its release, it did. The film is a bit different then the original and follows a bit of a different plot, in the first film, the group of kids go down after they hear the main character's grandfather's grave has been vandalized, in this, they are heading for a concert, personally, this storyline was not original but better, considering, I don't know why a group of your friends would go down with you to see your grandfather's grave. The characters in the film are also way more likeable, I'm sorry, but this film I haft to give a lot of credit, the final girl in this film may not have been as good as the original but you still cared for her and did not want her to die, they're were actually some pretty creepy scenes in this film especially the tea lady scene, that scene was always really creepy and really fucked up in a small way, I don't know what it is but this film has to go to "Best horror remake ever" along probably with Halloween, I'm sorry, it's brilliant, and we haft to talk about something, something big...Lee Ermey, Lee Ermey is Oscar worthy in this film, he is actually more better then the original dad even though he was more creepy, this one way waaay more intense, the funny thing is I only watched the original last week and I never really saw the remake before so I might not be that bad, it was amazing, the ending aswell to this film was very good and really creepy, I mean like the last scene was really creepy. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre may not beat the original but is going on my favourite horror film list. Stay tuned for more remake reviews like Friday The 13th (sigh), Nightmare On Elm Street (sigh), The Omen (sigh).etc and also stayed tuned for my review of Insidious: The Last Key which may be postponed until Sunday, but until then, byeeee! Oh! And please watch this if your looking for an actual good remake!

Reviewed by morrigan9999 8 / 10

Best of the remakes

While it may not stack up to the original (how many sequels and/or remakes can?) this movie is an excellent mix of modernized shock horror, perversion and sickening humor to both revile your moral fibers and yet grab hold of your full attention throughout the entire film.

This movie is not for those who are looking for (for lack of better words) "clean horror". By that I mean horror movies that stick to the methodical "bad guy kills dumb teenagers" in a scripted and fully anticipated manner that has been rehashed a thousand and one times.

If movies like I Spit on Your Grave, The Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes, etc. makes you want to run for the office of the Chairman of the FCC then this movie probably won't be your bag. Now by no means am I saying that this movie goes to the depths of depravity that those classics dove into. Simply implying that this movie (more often than not) crosses that fine line that separates "wholesome horror" from, well, "unwholesome horror". For those that are into Rob Zombie movies, think along those lines in terms of "holy ****, I can't be believe they did that! beans!" reactions..

If you think about it, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is really best suited for pushing the boundaries. Unlike other horror mongers such Jason and Friday the 13th, Michael and Halloween, Freddy and Nightmare on Elm Street , the TCM franchise really doesn't revolve around one character. Leatherface is the "closer" but he's really not the main "antagonist". The crazy Hewitt family with it's infinite number of mix and match characters, each with it's own warped proclivities are. In this movie, one of the main charaters (Charlie Hewitt portrayed by veteran actor R. Lee Ermey) definitely steals the show as the depraved patriarch of the clan.

Ultimately, to each it's own. But if you go into this movie with a clear mind and being willing to simply accept whatever the movie throws at you, I think you'll be overall surprised. Is it great? No, not in the grand scale of the horror movie universe, but for a "remake", this one is a pretty darn good watch. Bring some popcorn, watch with a friend, leave your high horse at the door.

Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 4 / 10

Yeah, it's bad

This movie is infamous for receiving a rare zero star rating from Roger Ebert. He called the movie vile and ugly and how everything was disturbing about it. I'm going to admit that it's bad, but it's not one of the worst movies ever. This is from someone who liked the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". The worst part is this movie is probably how they cut out the best sequence from the original film where the killers are around the girl at the dinner table. This film lacks the atmosphere that made the original good.

I admit that the first thirty minutes aren't really that bad. It's not until after that where we get a really ugly looking film. Everything is filmed in the dark and the acting is quite bad. It offers nothing new to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise which doesn't have much dignity to begin with. I do kind of like Leatherface in this movie but everything is still rather cliché with the girl being chased and the killer and everything. Most of this movie is in fact very unpleasant and just pointless to watch. *1/2

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