The Tempest


Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
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Ben Whishaw as Ariel
Felicity Jones as Miranda
Helen Mirren as Prospera
Alan Cumming as Sebastian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by allisonli-80944 7 / 10

Helen Mirren is a Triumph.

I don't understand why so many people have a low opinion of this adaptation because the performances are uniformly good, Helen Mirren in particular. Switching the gender of Prospero/a was a stroke of genius that adds a new dimension to the character and in many ways, makes more sense. She plays Prospera as a wronged and embittered victim of ambitious men and patriarchal forces. In my humble opinion, this makes the manner and speed at which she was deposed from her dukedom and framing as a witch/sorceress far more believable.

The only sore spot in this movie is Russell Brand as Trinculo. Why is he here? He came out on screen and I almost spat out my drink. Looks utterly out of place. His casting makes no sense.

Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 6 / 10

Wish I knew the play

This is quite odd, because while I far from thought it was great, I seem to enjoy this movie a lot more than most people. It's probably because I know virtually nothing about "The Tempest" play. From what I've heard, it was reportedly the last play Shakespeare worked on. I just wanted to see a representation of a significant play in his career. I think I'm probably lacking some bias. If I was more familiar with the play like most people, I probably would find it a lot worse. I guess I'm lacking that bias so I think it's a lot better than it probably deserves.

I really do like the colors in this movie and how bright everything is. It's hard to review something when the original play is more well known but I actually know little about the play. This certainly seemed to be an experiment for Shakespeare. I really couldn't help but love Russell Brand in this. Seriously, that guy's so much fun I wish I'd see him more. I guess what weighs this down is that it is kind of hard to take seriously. The effects do come off as pretty goofy in this, but I didn't think it was so bad. **1/2

Reviewed by paul2001sw-1 4 / 10

Let down by incoherent vision and inconsistent acting

Recently, I watched, and loved, the seven BBC adaptations of Shakespeare's plays about the Wars of the Roses. By contrast, this film of 'The Tempest' is poor fayre. Partly it's because of actors who seem ill-equipped for speaking Shakespearian lines: Russell Brand is the most obvious target, though the truth is that several cast members seems almost equally bad (Helen Mirren, though, and Alfred Mollina, are predictably good). Perhaps it's because of the film's arbitrary and inconsistent use of special effects and it's back-and-forwards transitioning between Tudor orthodoxy and a more modern staging: both approaches can work with Shakespeare, but this one just seems a mess. But maybe the bard too deserves some stick: there are some famous lines ("Oh brave new world, that has such people in it!") but the plot is pretty simple: Prospero (or, in this re-gendered version, Prospera) gets her revenge on her enemies through the deployment of supernatural devices: her hapless foes never stand a chance. Shakespeare's customary tendency to punch down with his humour is also on display: for all his literary brilliance, a lot of Shakespearian comedy takes the form of, in effect, chav jokes. Maybe there's something more in the script that got lost in adaptation. But this really isn't the bard at his best.

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