The Tall Man


Crime / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 48%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 34078


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Jessica Biel as Julia Denning
Eve Harlow as Christine
William B. Davis as Sheriff Chestnut
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moviewizguy 7 / 10

It's not a horror film!

THE TALL MAN is directed by Pascal Laugier, who directed MARTYRS. From that sentence alone, you're probably already formulating expectations that this will be a bloody, nasty, little horror film starring Jessica Biel. In fact, you can't be any more wrong. The most important thing you need to know about this film before seeing it is that it's NOT a horror film. It's more of a mystery thriller/drama. The second important thing is to avoid all and potential spoilers. I went in knowing very little about the film (other than its basic storyline), and the end result is that much better. Early reviews for THE TALL MAN suggests that it's a horrible film, but I'm pretty sure the negative reception had more to do with people expecting it to be a full-fledged horror flick rather than its actual quality. In fact, I'm afraid the film's fall would be due to people's expectations.

If there is one similarity between MARTYRS and this film, it would be the presence of an underlying social commentary. Other than that, the similarity ends there. Jessica Biel, the lead actress, pulls off a phenomenal performance. She brings incredible conviction to her role that she holds our attention. The film is also shot beautifully, and director Laugier does a masterful job keeping people guessing until the very end. Overall, the film is likely to polarize the audience like Laugier did with MARTYRS. However, if you leave your expectations at the door and your mind opened, you may be left surprised and profoundly moved.

Reviewed by tony r 10 / 10

Great Thought Provoking, Not what you would expect, this is not a horror movie.

i really don't write reviews a lot but i felt i would give this movie a boost on positive ratings because it deserves better than a 6. At minimum it deserves 7.5, but for me i give it a 10. I liked the direction of the movie, scenery, and the storyline. Movies nowadays are so predictable but this one isn't at all. i think the director was clever in the way they made it. It makes you think about the world we live in and i like movies like this that make you think. This movie i totally could not predict it and i usually figure a movie out within 30 minutes of watching it but not this one. You have to watch it all the way thru. The movie has a major twist towards the last 40 minutes of the movie. The way it was kinda marketed i was expecting a horror movie and i decided to watch it just because i couldn't find nothing else and it turned out to be a good little gem. I could see how it could make someone mad if they are expecting a horror movie but this movie is more of a thriller/drama that starts off with what looks like it would be a horror element. They only used the horror element initially to pull you into the movie to pay attention to the story. As you progress thru the movie you realize its has a much deeper storyline. Anyway I say give the movie a chance, this definitely goes down as one of the movies i like enough to add to my collection and i recommend it.

Reviewed by tzrjustbrowsing 10 / 10

The Tall Man rocks... I just adored it...

This movie has a very interesting idea behind it. I have no clue to why it is only rated 5 on IMDb, but this should definitely be rated a 7 or higher. All I have to say is that this has an original story and it does portray a crude truth about the world we live in.

This is a rely good way to spend your evening if you want to watch something mind-blowing. The movie is not at all predictable, the acting is beyond perfect, it actually makes you think this is an X-Files movie where the next best thing is something you don't believe it would be possible.

I give it a 10 because this one will go into my favorite list.

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