The Taking of Pelham One Two Three


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
IMDb Rating 7.7 10 22261


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Doris Roberts as Jessie - The Mayor's Wife
Walter Matthau as Police Lt. Zachary Garber
Hector Elizondo as Giuseppe Benvenuto aka Grey
Jerry Stiller as Police Lt. Rico Patrone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Graham Watson 10 / 10

"Still great entertainment after thirty odd years"!

It's hard to convince anybody today that they could make a thriller/hijack movie with a bunch of middle age actors all men, with a lot of dialog, no cute women wearing tank tops and most of it being seen in either a dull looking subway carriage or else a grim looking New York city subway dispatchers office, ----- they would say that your out of your mind! Well they did way back in 1974, of course it would have to be that far back! All in all absorbing viewing with a great bunch of 70's character actors.

Four men dressed very much in a similar fashion, i.e. horn rim glasses, trilbies, khaki gabardine raincoats and a fake mustache decide to hold hostage a carriage full of bewildered passengers who resemble New York finest type of freak show. A pimp, a foul mouthed hooker, a drunk, a bag lady, a wino well I could go on, you know what I mean! They were led by Mr. Blue played by Robert Shaw a cool no nonsense and ruthless former British army type/mercenary who when his lucrative work dried up decided to use his skills to rob or extort one-million dollars to keep up with the lifestyle he had become accustomed to. He was backed up by a mafia reject, the crazed and unpredictable Mr. Gray who couldn't wait to show who was boss and was keen to rack up a body count, or as he put it "get on the scoreboard"! He didn't like to take orders and it took a lot to keep him in line. There was Mr. Brown and lastly Mr Blue who was a former transit employee who held a grudge against the authority and wasn't satisfied with his pension.

Lieutenant Garber was the head of the transit security played by Walter Matthau who found himself the unfortunate go between or negotiator during the hostage stage. His New York dialect and humor was a great contrast to the methodical leader of the gang with the English accent who took himself very seriously and was prepared to kill anybody at any time in cold blood. Admittedly this type of negotiation would be ridiculous today, he wasn't even in anyway qualified to negotiate with the hijackers. Also, Garber not only had deal with Mr. Green but also found himself up against one of the head dispatchers who couldn't care less about the predicament of the hijacked passengers but was more concerned about getting his trains running on time. This approach would not cut it today 30 years on, hostage taking requires a more professional approach. However, he does his best and on a couple of occasions his quick thinking is able to save the lives of some the hostages.

Anyway the crooks only wanted money, there was no political reason, but were highly motivated, very well organized and determined. This was understood very quickly when one of the subway station managers Caz Dolowicz or known as "fat Caz" took exception to these upstarts and decided berate the hijackers and board the train. Just to prove that the hijackers meant business they gave him a 'lead breakfast' and he was ripped apart by the hail of bullets discharged from an automatic weapon which made him look like a swiss cheese!

It's great viewing, quite entertaining and has a very typical but jazzy 1970's music score that accompanies the movie. I would highly recommend this film, 70's movies don't get more interesting or as watch able as this.

Reviewed by greenforest56 9 / 10

film student's action picture

There are many disappointing action pictures out there – this is not one of them. The genius of the film is there is no wasted motion. The picture starts right with the plot – no introduction or character development. The characters are allowed to develop as the plot moves along.

Which brings us to pacing – the pacing in this picture is excellent. It moves right along and never stops, never slows, never goes too fast. This is the strongest element of its success.

Another strength is its economy of motion. Many action pictures bore us with unneeded car chase scenes, shoot-em-ups, explosions and other mayhems that are used as filler when true creativity comes up short. This film needs none of that. Only that which is necessary is shown. Only that which needs speaking is spoken. This film is deftly written and crafted with great economy and this underpins the excellent pacing. It moves right along because there is no wasted motion as there is in most other action pictures.

This does not mean there is no action, there is fabulous action, but only such action as is necessary to move the plot along. There is no action simply to occupy time until the requisite 90 minutes are up.

The directing is equally economical. No fancy shots, shaky cameras, or special effects – just good, straight forward directing.

I doubt this picture could be made today for the above reasons. The script readers would reject it for 'lack of development'; 'not enough action'; 'no romantic interest'; and all the other brainless formulas script readers dole out. The producers would demand 'more action' and 'camera work' from the directors. And, of course, a romantic interest (in some state of undress) would have to be shoe horned in.

Film students should study this picture. From it they will learn that brevity is a virtue and mindless formulas are just that - mindless.

Reviewed by Antiknown 10 / 10

The best heist film of all time!!!

A group of heavily armed men, all wearing the same disguises board a subway train underneath the streets of New York. They quickly take over the train and hold seventeen passengers hostage. They look and talk like professionals. They use codenames. Their ransom demand is One Million Dollars. Are these just maniacs without a plan? And if they do have a plan, how are they all going to escape alive while the world watches?

Right away, this film grabs you and doesn't let go. Every character plays their role remakably and memorably. Enough suspense to keep you chewing your nails until they are stubs...and most of all, a realistic and engrossing storyline. You will literally be on the edge of your seat, wondering where the next plot twist will take you.

You can easily see where Quentin Tarantino borrowed ideas from this movie to make Reservoir Dogs...and in my opinion, this film makes Reservior Dogs look like a second rate film. Its truly a shame most people aren't familiar with this movie and it doesn't have the allure or big star power to draw in new fans seeking out a great film to watch

If you happen to run across The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three though, do not pass it up! This is honestly the best heist movie I've ever seen. 10 out of 10 Rating.

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